The Universal Song
           “Life Changing”   Workshops with Randy Masters……

Do you know how the Universe works
? Ancient societies had access to this information and have protected it for thousands of years. Now, as an evolving culture, we are ready to explore those mysteries and learn the Fundamental truths of our existence. Join Randy Masters as he takes you on a journey into the secret workings of the Universe through sound.

This seminar offers you an opportunity to see life through coherent, loving, musical and geometric relationships. You will learn a greater appreciation for the Harmonic order of the Universe and learn to recognize tonal relationships in our solar system and in the intricacies of our web of life.

Exploring the Sacred Geometry of art and architecture, you will experience Harmonic Sound Frequencies that were encoded in such sacred sites as Stonehenge, The Parthenon and The Great Pyramid. You will also learn how sound and sacred geometric fields influence your spinal column, endocrine glands, DNA and brainwaves and how spiritual wisdom emanates from an esoteric understanding of the energy of sound frequencies.

The Universal Song presentation will instill in you an appreciation for the musical beauty of all existence as it reveals intimate Relationships between sound, light, mathematics, geometry and planetary movement. Randy uses selected sound recordings, sacred readings, geometric models, video excerpts, sacred symbols, numerical codes and specially calibrated tuning forks to help reveal universal reverence for life within the Unified field of existence connected through the harmonics of all living relationships.



- The Relationship of Sacred Geometry and Sound
- Geometric Forms and their Sounds
- The Tree of Life Harmonics and Sacred Numbers

- Famous Musical Tuning Systems of the Ancient Worlds; Greece, Egypt, China,   
   India, Middle East
- Musical Scales from around the World
- Overtones and Undertones…Natural Acoustics
- Sounds of the Planets and Moons
- Nature’s Scales: the Fibonacci Number System

-Relationship of Sound and Color
-The Dinshah Ghadiali Color System converted to sound from 12 to 72 colors
-The Sound Frequencies of the Periodic Table of the Elements
-The Sound Resonances and Frequencies of the Rainbow. 
-Musical Intervals and harmonic resonances of the Emotions
-Famous Gematria Numbers and their musical Sound Healing Uses

-The Use of Tuning Forks for Healing, for Beginners to Advanced Levels
-Energy Exercises for building and enhancing strong personal energy fields
-Chakra Systems….7,12,22,32.
-Practical everyday applications and uses of sacred geometric shapes for
 personal healing and the environment.


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Additional Personal Services available…..

Personal Healing Sessions and Consultations Available
Home and Office Consultations:
     To “tune up” the Environment; encouraging  healthy
     Environments and Work space through sound, physics,   
     color and architectural considerations.
Consultations Available on Musical Compositions and Arrangements
Private Lessons- Music, Sound Healing, Composition and Improvisation

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