Living Examples of the Music of the Spheres

By Randy Masters

Many have heard or read the quote from Pythagoras that “There is a geometry in the humming of strings” and other similar comments that use the phrase “Music of the Spheres”. But what does Music of the Spheres mean….sonic bowling balls, the sound of a 90-mile an hour baseball, the “boing” sound of a bouncing basketball? Well, sports fans, there is some truth even in these whimsical ideas.

The term spheres includes the sonic resonance and vibrations of planets and moons and all of the various vibratory phenomenon that they emit whether we hear them or not. So yes, there is Music of the Spheres in our celestial bodies including all of the other sounds of rain, water flowing or falling on rocks, pounding rumbles of surf, earthquakes, cracking thunder, explosive volcanoes, land slides, and glaciers breaking. The NASA Voyager I and II space probe recordings have even captured sounds from the electromagnetic spectrum in the atmospheres and solar winds around most of our planets and the rings of Saturn and Uranus. Russian scientists have discovered that injured cats purr to certain frequencies and are able to heal themselves with their sound. Now the Russians are applying those sounds to their cosmonauts and top athletes with remarkable results. It is now known that healthy plants depend upon the sounds of singing birds to wake up certain natural growth patterns and the sounds of different species of birds affect the plant processes differently. The Sonic Bloom project puts this knowledge to use to foster healthy plants. French composers Claude Debussy and Olivier Messiaen both studied birdcalls and composer Joe Weed composed our entire CD of songs based on bird songs.

The recording “Medicine Songs” by David Carson and the Little Wolf Band contains a song titled “Ballad of the Twisted Hair” that has the sound of crickets singing played many octaves lower. The results sound like a choir of female human voices singing a simple diatonic (same 7-note scale) chord progression and melody with a 2-part structure. This recording has moved audiences in lectures in an amazing way. What songs are the other creatures singing? Perhaps they are not only singing for plants, but for entire planets as well, much like the beating of butterfly wings in Japan, influencing the weather in North America. Seven main frequencies called “spherics” also affect our weather and all but one is in the audible range for humans. They form a beautiful, perfectly tuned B# or C major 6th chord in the ratio sequence 4:6:8:10:12:27:48, exactly. The lowest of the notes starts with the highest C on an 88-key piano.

When the octavized Bb note (57 octaves above its origin pitch) is played together with its octavized reciprocal (created by dividing the original tone in the number one) and then multiplying by 2 seventeen times) it creates the complementary D note. These two notes, a musical minor 6th interval apart, can then play the first nine notes of the theme from the movie “Love Story” by French composer Francois Lai. “When do we begin, to tell the story” as the lyrics state that go with the notes. The minor 6th (1.5923) is closer than the minor 6th of our current common equal-tempered tuned minor 6th (1.5874) to the minor 6th that is the famous phi ratio or golden mean of 1.618 etc., which is the key geometric fractal of our entire living universe. It may be very significant that the frequency that emerges from a black hole together with its reciprocal suggests this most basic interval of living systems, plants and the main proportions of all living creatures.

The Hydrogen molecule, the basic building block element of all matter, goes through a daily polarity shift for all of us. At sunrise the polarity is a red color and at sunset the color is violet. Both of these colors pivot around a constant green. When people get “jet lag”, their bodies get out of sync with the Hydrogen molecule. When we look at the spectral lines of Hydrogen from the 34 line Balmer Series, 31 of the 34 spectral lines are violet. When we convert Balmer M3 6561 Angstroms over Balmer M6 4100.625 Angstroms to sound, we have the most perfectly tuned minor 6th in acoustics, the ratio 1.6 exactly or ratio 8:5. This 8:5 ratio is right out of the famous Fibonacci Series of numbers (1,1,2,3,9,8,13,21,etc.) that governs growth in our physical universe, from the microscopically small to the infinitely large scale. Again, these two notes can be used to play the “Love Story” theme, this time through the music of Hydrogen.

Our Earth is larger than our moon by the average whole number ratio of 11:3, using a 7,920-mile mean diameter for the Earth and a 1080-mile mean diameter for the moon. This ratio is approximately phi to the 5th power, divided by 3. Our sun is approximately 400 times larger than the moon using 864,000 miles for the sun’s diameter. All of these numbers and ratios are part of the Music of the
Spheres harmonic proportions both geometrically and musically.

We can find all of these numbers encoded into the measurement of sacred sites in many cultures all around the world. The placement of the three main pyramids of Giza, Egypt, (including the Great Pyramid), are aligned on the Earth in the exact ratio of the three main stars in the Belt of Orion. Many other star patterns are mirrored with the exact placement of sacred structure, temples, and monuments. Books such as Mark Vidler’s “The Star Mirror” make this Heaven on Earth connection “As Above, So Below” very clear. So things and people have been looking up for a very long time. If we revere and respect nature, and pay attention to nature, we will be shown how the universe behaves to insure the on-going ness and preservation of life with “good for all, harm to none, in service to Creator and Creation” as a guiding mission statement. The word “geometry” means to measure the Earth. Taking a group of three highest mountains or peaks in many locations around the world reveals innumerous isosceles triangle configurations to phenomenally close accuracy. The pyramid complex for the entire world is precisely aligned and positioned geometrically with the natural Earth measurements, showing an incredible alignment of humans and cosmos.

When we use the words Sacred Geometry, we are saying that the builders are using the same ratio and proportion as nature in the design, layout, and construction, whether it’s a temple, monument, church, aqueduct, or a house. Why shouldn’t we live resonantly with the rest of the universe and flow with the fractal patterns of creation so what is inside us and outside of us matches, resonates, and forms our common Divine nature. Thus, every construction is a prayer of gratitude and praise to creation. We are now, perhaps, getting an idea of what the Music of the Spheres is all about.

The tremendous popularity of “The DaVinci Code” book and movie and derivative books and commentary are all about this awakening to the Music of the Spheres. One of the keys to the awakening is the awakening of the divine feminine in all of us, regardless of our gender. The Music of the Spheres is about consciousness of creation and restoring the harmonious balance of the male and female polarity, so we all can sing and dance and the illusion of separation between Heaven and Earth can be healed.

Thank you for reading. Randy Masters