The Universal Song “DNA Resonance “ desktop chime.

The Universal Song “DNA Resonance” 17-note chime is a beautiful sonic prayer to our DNA inherent musical coherence. Meditation and toning with this chime is intended to communicate coherence and order to our DNA and to celebrate our beautiful life code.

The Universal Song “DNA Resonance” chime contains the 17 notes that are the harmonic (overtone) partials 8 through 16 and the subharmonic (undertone) partials 8 through 16. Together, these overtones and undertones create a sonic mirror image of each other, a sort of tonal Double Helix. The harmonic symmetry is beautiful to both the eye and the ear, creating a musical expression of the Hermetic Law: As Above, So Below (though in inverse proportion). The fundamental tone is based on the basic resonance note of our DNA of 8.54= million Hz. This is the sound frequency of our 24 hour solar day octavized 41 octaves above 388.36148148 Hz or Abb, the 675th subharmonic. Each note has its octavized reciprocal note or its sonic twin soul or octave compliment.

One of the notes is an octivized expression of the DNA’s special phi ratio or golden mean
( ratio 16384:10125= 1.61817283951etc., the 10,125 subharmonic.) This golden mean note is ratio 16:15, or just a half-step above our DNA resonance note.

Note: these same notes are available in weighted and unweighted tuning forks.