The Universal Song “East Indian Raga Scale” chime.

The Universal Song 23-note “East Indian Raga Scale” chime contains the notes including the octave of the 22-srutis of North and South Indian music. The chime is tuned to a C#+note of 540Hz. Representing the SA or DO of the composite raga scale.

The Universal Song “East Indian Raga Scale” chime uses the authentic whole number ratios of East Indian music and combines ratios built on prime number multiples of 2,3,and 5 only. By using a C# of 540Hz every note in the scale is in tune with the mathematic key number of the prime element Hydrogen as discovered by Randy Masters. ( example: 540x12.15=6561 Angstroms, the Balmer M3 spectral line of Hydrogen and the second red color of our rainbow) The one octave range is 540Hz to 1080Hz. Randy has calculated this C# of 540Hz or it’s lower octave of 270Hz to be the ideal C# resonance for the famous Stradivarius violin in perfect phi ratio (golden mean) of 1.6 with the old Paris tuning pitch of A=432Hz (432:270=1.6=minor 6th ratio). The C# of the Earth’s tropical year rotation is 272.2044Hz in the 33rd octave. Many ancient gongs are tuned to C# notes around or near these notes.