The Universal Song “Heaven and Earth Scale” chime.

The Universal Song “Heaven and Earth Scale” 15-note chime is based on the ancient musical toning system generated by a spiral of perfect 5ths, ratio 3:2. This chime is based on a two octave scale of the white notes of the piano derived from this toning structure as used in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and other cultures. This scale is symmetrical both ascending and descending, and is known today as the Dorian mode.

The Universal Song “Heaven and Earth Scale” chime is tuned to the exact frequencies of our “ Inner Vision” audio cd featuring Joel Andrews on harp, and can be played along with improvisationally without musical training. The scale ratios are based on a D-note and are 1:1, 9:8, whole-tone; 32:27, minor 3rd ; 4:3, perfect 4th ; 3:2, perfect 5th ; 27:16, major 6th ; 16:9, minor 7th ; 2:1, the octave.