Universal Song Desktop Chimes:

Universal Song desktop chimes can be used in a variety of musical settings or for meditation. They are also useful for education in sound, acoustics, special mathematical ratios, and the universal harmonics ( the Music of the Spheres).

Universal Song desktop chimes reflect the scales of our planet and moons, sacred geometry shapes translated into sound, the sound of the rainbow, the sound of ancient musical scales, and the vibrations of the charkas.

Universal Song desktop chimes are joyful items when displayed in a lobby, waiting room, office, or private practice, as well as in the home.Many practitioners of energy balancing, acupuncture, feng shui, and massage therapies incorporate our chakra desktop chimes in their practice . Our chimes based on the ratios of sacred geometry are suitable for designers and architects, while the chimes tuned to colors are wonderful for visual artists.

Universal Song desktop chimes are designed to sit on a flat surface and are played with a small mallet. The chimes are made of a special 5/8 “ polarized aluminum alloy which emits beautiful overtones and tonal qualities with a wonderful length of sustain. The frames are made of purpleheart wood with a lovely natural purple color, or wenge wood, which is a dark brown with lines of black.

Our desktop chimes are designed to be played by children and adults
as well as the magical child in us all.