The Universal Song “Rainbow” chime.

The Universal Song “Rainbow” 18-note chime represents the nine colors of the rainbow spectrum as seen through a quartz prism. These colors are two shades of red, orange, yellow, yellow–green, dark green, cyan blue, blue, and blue–violet. These colors are scientifically converted to sound in two octaves producing 18 total chimes. Our rainbow spectrum is certainly one of the color keys to the golden kingdom of life on our earth.

When it has been said that the Arc of the Covenant is the rainbow, the reference referred to the entire electromagnetic spectrum of which the rainbow is an essential component. The rainbow contains many fascinating mathematic ratios. For instance, the ratio between the dark spectral red and the 2nd red color is 1/3, a specific value of pi. The middle orange-yellow color is 1875 times pi. The darkest red color is 2187 times pi and 1/9th of that color wavelength is equal to the base length of the Great Pyramid in feet. One tenth of the cyan blue color in the rainbow is equal to the height of the great pyramid in feet, and when converted to sound, is the exact frequency of the 7.23 cm wavelength that is the ever-present wavelength of the background radiation ever present throughout space, as measured by Bell Labs.