The Universal Song “Scriabin’s Mystic Chord” chime.

The Universal Song 6-note “Scriabin’s Mystic Chord” chime makes a very “hip” gift for any musician, music teacher, or music aficionado.

Scriabin’s mystic chord is a very famous chord in music theory history, and is mentioned in nearly all music theory textbooks and classes. However, until micro-tonal composer and director of the American Festival of Micro-tonal Music and symphonic bassoonist Johnny Reinhard researched the historic correspondence of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, the chord was notated incorrectly in all the music theory books. These theory books spelled the chord, in ascending order, C, F#, B flat, E, A and D. The chord cannot be done correctly in 12-tone equal-tempered toning, but only in whole number ratio overtones resulting in C, ¼ tone -sharp F, B flat, E, ¼ -tone sharp G and D. The correct ratios are 1:1=C ; 11:8=F(11) ; 7:4=B flat (7) ; 5:2=E ; 99:32=G(11), and 9:2=D. Using 32 as a common denominator, the correct ratios are 32;44;56;80;99;144.

Johnny Reinhard and a select ensemble improvised on this chord at the famous Carnegie Hall Recital Hall in New York City. This chord can be constructed on any fundamental or “key tone” on a custom order basis as long as the harmonic ratios are adhered to precisely.