The Universal Song “Flower of Love” pendant.

The Universal Song “Flower of Love” pendant is so named as it is dedicated to the opening of love. The heart flower and its sacred ratio, the Golden Mean or the phi ratio, was popularized by Leonardo daVinci and others who understand the sacred feminine. This quality of love is vitally important and needs to be opened in the greater male population.

The Universal Song “Flower of Love” pendant is a tribute to the divine feminine and the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, who is said to originate from the star system Sirius. Her sacred eight-pointed star is the basic inspiration, as the number eight is the number of the body of the supreme goddess Isis according to David Wood and Jan Campbell in their book “Genesis”. This pendant is designed to be worn by both men and women to celebrate the support and return of the sacred feminine in all of us.The number eight also represents the element oxygen and the original eight cells that are the basis of all living creatures. Each of the eight hearts is formed by two intersecting golden ratio spirals and is accurate to 1/10,000th of an inch.

The Universal Song “Flower of Love” pendant also contains eight vesica piscis petals created out of intersecting golden ratio spirals. These golden mean spirals represent the yellow brick road or the golden mean highway, the fractal pathway of creation in our universe.

The inner core of the universal song “Flower of Love” pendant also contains eight golden vesicas. The total of sixteen golden vesicas in the universal song “Flower of Love” pendant represents the resonance of spiritual gold in the higher realms according to the extensive research of Dr. Ibrihim Karin, the Cairo architect who pioneered bio-geometry.

The Universal Song “Flower of Love” pendant comes in 18K yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold with a matching 18” 18K snake chain. Each piece is individually hand cast and finished. The inner surfaces are finished in a contrasting Florentine matte finish.