The Universal Song "Golden Mean Hexagon" pendant.

The Universal Song "Golden Mean Hexagon" 1½" x 7/8" pendant uses a synergistic combination of symbols, harmonic angles, color, and crystal to provide a sense of well-being, protection, and universal harmony. Active and receptive polarities are balanced and supported with this beautiful pendant that doubles as a Feng Shui energy tool. This pendant was specifically designed to raise the personal energy level of the wearer as well as in one’s home, office, or sacred space. Whether worn, or placed in the environment (in a window, above a doorway, over a computer, or on a table or alter), the pendant carries the energy of sacred space. It serves as a premier Feng Shui piece. As a balancing tool, this pendant can be laid on chakras and other energetic points along the body.

The Universal Song "Golden Mean Hexagon" pendant is 14-karat yellow gold or white gold, with one beveled and hand-cut Siberian Blue Quartz Crystal face laminated to one beveled and hand-cut Andara glass face. The fusion of the unique Andara glass together with our proprietary laminate produces an extraordinary array of colors progressing from golden yellows, through greens, up to violet and magenta. Colors vary depending on available shades of Andara glass. The reverse Siberian Blue laminate face features emotionally rich magenta, violet, and blue hues. The stunning beauty of Siberian Blue Quartz occurs due to the addition of cobalt within the quartz. This cobalt blue light is a universal component of all living cells. Siberian Blue is reported to amplify thoughts and intentions and assist with electromagnetic balancing. Along with extraordinary beauty, the Andara glass is reported to offer energetic benefits, healing qualities, and protective attributes. It is also said to enhance communication with nature.

The Universal Song "Golden Mean Hexagon" pendant’s geometric design and golden ratio proportions echo the key geometric patterns of our universe. Our pendant is recreating this proportion by joining two pentagons together with a common edge. The geometries of Phi, six, and five are all found in scientific studies of clustered and living water. Both five and six geometries are also found in the geometry of DNA. Our pendant highlights the geometry at the foundation of life. Engraved on each side of our pendant are universal language symbols of creation and well-being.