Universal Song’s Sacred Geometry jewelry.

Universal Song’s Sacred Geometry jewelry is designed to be a celebration of creation and an honoring of the special geometric ratios, proportions, colors, and materials that are part of Nature’s Grand Design. The synergy of the gemstone, color, shape, and symbols offer greater strength than using a single element or tone.

Some materials we use are a co-creation of human creativity and natural elements such as our Siberian Blue Quartz used in some of our laminate designs. Gemstones carry and emit frequencies due to their color, atomic lattice geometry and shape and their chemical makeup and properties. All of the elements in the Periodic Table of Elements found on Earth emit sound frequencies above the audible range emitted from their subatomic structure. These frequencies have been measured for all of the elements and are known as Larmor Frequencies. These tones are part of the microcosmic music of the spheres – music of the elements – the music of stones. When certain geometries, colors, cutting angles, metals, and chemistries combine in certain synergistic ways, the total vibratory field or sonic matrix can be very beautiful and enhancing for an individual to wear.

Universal Song’s Sacred Geometry jewelry is also a subtle reminder of the extraordinary qualities and beauties of our universe. Shape is an integral part of the basic vibration of existence, and much like an antennae it can also receive and transmit many desirable vibrations that resonate with the life affirming aspects of the unified field (also known as the “Universal Life Field”). The vibrational language symbols we engrave on many of our pendants are intended to be positive affirmations of love and creation and user friendly to everyone. Isn’t it wonderful when others smile and light up when they see you wearing our unique pendants, thereby helping you spread joy, optimism, enthusiasm and respect for life.

We wish you the best that life has to offer, and may our pendants
add value and sparkle to your life!