The Universal Song "Isis Star pendant".

The Universal Song "Isis Star" pendant is a celebration of the Goddess archetype most often portrayed by the goddess Isis ( also known by the Egyptian name Auset). Since ancient times, the Great Mother Goddess has been represented by this correctly positioned eightfold star. According to the Mystery School teachings, the number eight is significant in that it relates to the eight points of a star tetrahedron which is the geometric shape of the original eight cells basic to all life forms. The eight points symbolize eight characteristics of creation: earth, water, air, fire, and the four qualities of hot, cold, wet, and dry. In scientific terms, the corresponding four states of matter include solid, liquid, gas, and plasma coupled with the four processes of expansion, contraction, dissolution, and crystallization. Pythagoras actually learned about these processes in the Mystery School of ancient Egypt known as the Ogdoad of Hermapolis. Science confirms what the ancients knew about the nature of matter and the process of creation. The Periodic Table of Elements is grouped into eight categories according to the number of electrons on their outermost shell or orbit. Those elements with less than eight electrons seek stability and are intent on combining with other elements to produce an outermost orbit or ring of eight electrons.

The Universal Song "Isis Star" pendant is offered in two elegant 18K white gold settings: circular and octagonal. Included is an 18K white gold snake chain in your choice of 16" or 18" length. White gold is perfectly suited to convey the lunar aspect of the goddess archetype. The front side of the Universal Song "Isis Star” pendant is offered in three choices: aquamarine (bluish-green), citrine (golden yellow), and amethyst (radiant purple). The beautiful green in the aquamarine conveys the misty loveliness of the Mists of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake. Citrine, among its many attributes, supports inner hearing and clarity. Citrine does not accumulate or hold any negative energy. Faceted citrine stimulates the crown chakra. Amethyst reminds us of our spiritual essence, nature, and birthright. Each pendant is backed with mother of pearl. Pearl symbolizes original life springing forth from the ocean of creation. The beautiful mother of pearl rainbow colors shine through our eight-pointed star. It reminds us of our origins, while radiating motherly and divine love to our inner nature.