The Universal Song “Trinity Star” pendant.

The Universal Song “Trinity Star” pendant is a 14K white gold 1” diameter circular setting enclosing an equilateral triangle with a 7/8” edge length. The geometry of the Universal Song “Trinity Star” pendant resonates with primary mathematical principles of Creation. For this reason, it broadcasts one of nature’s fundamental blueprints into the wearer’s subtle energy field. It supplies a balance of the masculine/electric and feminine/magnetic energies to the wearer. The triangle of creation crystalline face is a stylized view of a tetrahedron as seen from above. This fundamental geometry reinforces the power of the three-pointed star. It offers variety and beauty while again connecting the wearer to a fundamental geometry and mathematical code of Creation. The Universal Song “Trinity Star” pendant’s Triangle of Creation design (a tetrahedron within a sphere) is found in many ancient cultures including Egypt and Tibet. It represents the basic building block of our physical reality. The triangle symbolizes knowledge, fire of mind, and the power of trinity while the circle represents wholeness, completion, and a universe free from duality.

The Universal Song “Trinity Star” pendant features a hand-cut and beveled Siberian Blue Quartz Crystal face laminated to a hand-cut and beveled Andara glass face. The stunning beauty of Siberian Blue Quartz occurs due to the addition of cobalt within the quartz. This cobalt blue color is a universal component of all living cells. Siberian Blue Quartz is reported to amplify thoughts and intentions and assist with electromagnetic balancing. Along with extraordinary beauty, the Andara glass is reported to offer energetic benefits, healing qualities, and protective attributes. It is also said to enhance communication with nature.