The Universal Song “Vesica Torus” pendant.

The Universal Song “Vesica Torus” pendant is individually custom made for us according to Randy’s design by master gemologist and multi award winning jewelry and crystal cutter Glenn Lehrer of Lehrer Designs. This pendant is absolutely stunning and graceful, and is primarily worn by women due to its sublime femininity and grace.

The Universal Song “Vesica Torus” pendant is based on the actual geometry of the human eye and the foundation and generating ratio of sacred geometry, the square root of three (ratio1.732 to 1 ). The oval shape is stylized from the vesica piscis of two overlapping circles. The iris in the center is faceted in a torus (donut) shape that is the actual shape of the human iris ( see the Torus article for more information). The torus is the basic standing wave vortex shape of our universe.

The vesica shape is made in 18k white gold. The torus shape is surrounded by a circle of 18k yellow gold. The diamond in the center, representing the twinkle in the eye, is set in platinum. The torus iris is available in blue aquamarine, green tourmaline ( to strengthen the male energy), pink tourmaline ( to strengthen the female energy), and other precious and semi-precious stones by special order. The 18”chain included is an 18k white gold snake chain.