The Universal Song “Vesica Piscis Star” pendant.

The Universal Song “Vesica Piscis Star” 13x19mm reversible pendant is patterned after the vesica piscis, the root generating form for all geometry and the seed pattern for the well-known flower of life. The vesica piscis, or mandorla, is the basic shape of the almond. It is the region created by two overlapping circles and acts as an intermediary realm where all polarities and opposites are balanced. The pendant’s inner diamond shape is composed of two equilateral triangles. The straight lines of the diamond shape represent male energy. The curved lines of the vesica piscis represent female energy. This pendant enhances the polarity balance of masculine/electric and feminine/magnetic energies to the wearer.

The Universal Song “Vesica Pisces Star” pendant is 14-karat yellow gold or white gold. One hand-cut and beveled Siberian Blue Quartz face is laminated to one beveled and hand-cut Andara glass face. The fusion of the unique Andara glass together with our proprietary laminate produces an extraordinary array of colors progressing from golden yellows, through greens, up to violets and magentas. Colors vary depending on available shades of Andara glass. Natural bubbles occurring in the Andara glass add to the interest and beauty of each piece. The reverse Siberian Blue laminate face features emotionally rich magenta, violet, and blue hues. The geometry of this face is a diamond within a diamond. Engraved is the symbol of love in the universal vibration language. The reverse Siberian Blue Quartz laminate face features emotionally rich magentas, violets, and cobalt blue. The lovely four-pointed star offers variety and beauty while again connecting the wearer to a fundamental geometry and mathematical code of Creation. Many creation myths refer to a blue star.

The stunning beauty of Siberian Blue Quartz occurs due to the addition of cobalt within the quartz. This cobalt blue light is a universal component of all living cells. All living forms have a cobalt blue “flame” in the nucleus of their cells, as seen under an electron microscope. Siberian Blue is reported to amplify thoughts and intentions and assist with electromagnetic balancing. Along with extraordinary beauty, the Andara glass is reported to offer energetic benefits, healing qualities, and protective attributes. It is also said to enhance communication with nature.