The Universal Song “Andara Cubeoctahedron”.

The Universal Song “Andara Cubeoctahedron” is one of the most important shapes in sacred or archetypal geometry, the geometry of the unified field. This shape is at the heart of the tetrahedral grid of space-time. Our cubeoctahedron is available with or without engraving. Three of the six square faces are engraved with the universal vibrational language symbols for the hologram of love and love’s creation: “ese”, “oese”, and “ete ese”.

The cubeoctahedron has six square faces and eight triangular faces. It is also called the vector equilibrium or the dymaxion by the scientist Buckminster Fuller. Sizes vary according to the availabitily of suitable pieces of Andara glass, ranging from two to five inches, and the color comes in a variety of shades from clear champagne to dark green.