The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer”.

The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer” is based on the four sided (including bottom) shape called the tetrahedron. The body is made of wood and is covered with polished copper plates. The capstone is made of both Andara glass and quartz crystal, with only the Andara glass visible. The capstone is etched with symbols of the vibrational language of essential universal signature patterns.

The tetrahedron is the fundamental building block of creation and matter, and is one of the five primary geometries of creation known as the five Platonic forms. The tetrahedron is a premier shape for enhancing focused thought in meditation and visualization and can assist in stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands for greater mental coordination.

The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer” is filled with a proprietary blend of minerals (discovered by the Springlife Polarizer Research Company over forty years ago) which help restore vibrancy and lifeforce to substances (such as food), and also to injured areas of the body. The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer” is excellent for enhancing alters or offices and is a wonderful tool for assisting in focusing and directing thought.