The Universal Song “Double Tetrahedron”.

The Universal Song “Double Tetrahedron” meditation tool is an elongated double tetrahedron, one of the more interesting shapes found in the energy fields spinning inside the earth. This geometric form is part of the atomic lattice structure of quartz crystal.The tetrahedron was used by ancient cultures at sacred sites such as Stonehenge. Our double tetrahedron is made of either cobalt blue quartz or green Andara glass and optically clear quartz. The sacred creation symbols known as the golden movement are engraved on one of the triangular faces. see Beautiful rainbow colors are emitted from the clear quartz side. This shape is described in chapter 4 of the book “The Sirius Connection” by Lazarus (channeled by Jach Purcel), available from NPN Publishing. Inc. 1-800-678-2356