The Universal Song “Pythagorean (Egyptian, Chinese) ” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song “Ancient Egyptian” 24-note tuning fork set is based on the 23-note Hathor scale (22-note+octave) called Het-Heru and the 18-note Osiris scale (17-note+octave) called Aussar, which are both contained in this composite24-note scale. This scale represents the first organized musical tonal system of the ancient world. Folk harp players may find this scale especially effective for toning and playing in a modal setting (without fretted instrument accompaniment). Voice, flute, and harp combinations are especially appropriate, as the ancient world did not use equal-tempered tuning.

This scale is based on the ancient cycle or spiral of perfect 5ths (ratio 3/2) starting with an Abb and culminating with an E#. The Hathor scale uses all of these notes except Gb, though it contains an F#. The Osiris scale begins on Fbb and continues up to F# in the spiral of 5ths. The Osiris scale does not skip any notes from Ebb up to F#. The composite cycle of both scales is as follows: Ebb: Bbb: Fb: Cb: Gb: Db: Ab: Eb: Bb: F: C: G: D: A: E: B: F#: C#: G#: D#: D#: A#: and E#. All of these notes are contained in the 60-note ancient Chinese tonal matrix based on the same perfect 5th spiral. Our composite scale has a range of one octave from C=256Hz up to C=512Hz. All of the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian modes may be played with this scale, as well as all the Chinese Pentatonic (5-note) scales.