The Universal Song “Artist’s Palette” tuning fork set includes Rainbow.

The Universal Song 24-note “Artist’s Palette” tuning fork set is designed for artists, musicians, healers and teachers. This tuning fork collection is excellent for any energy work where color atunement and augmentation is desired. These color forks are excellent for bodyworkers and massage practitioners and therapists who want to create a full-spectrum sonic experience.

The Universal Song “Artist’s Palette” tuning fork set contains the sound equivalent of 24 famous color pigments used by artists. The sound frequencies for pigments are a perfect 5th (ratio 3:2) below the sound frequencies of light. This set includes all exact nine colors of the rainbow.

These color pigments were converted to sound from the original scientific study of their color wavelengths in nanometer measurements. The colors are from red to violet:

1. Infra-red 2. Extreme red 3. Middle red I 4. Middle red II (rainbow)
5. Middle red III (rainbow) 6. Maxwell primary red 7. Middle orange-red 8. Middle orange
9. Middle orange-yellow (rainbow) 10. Middle pure yellow 11. Middle true green 12. Maxwell primary green (rainbow)
13. Blue-green 14. Middle cyan blue I 15. Middle cyan blue II 16. Middle blue
17. Maxwell primary blue 18. Indigo I blue-violet 19. Indigo II blue-violet 20. Violet