The Universal Song “Bible Code Matrix “ tuning fork set.

The Universal Song “Bible Code Matrix” 18-note tuning fork set includes the original six sacred solfeggio notes. The book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” by Leonard Horwitz documents Dr. Joseph Puleo’s re-discovery of a set of creation tones that formed what is believed to be the first Solfeggio Scale. This scale was rediscovered by Dr. Puleo, M.D. and Bible scholar, as he researched the alpha-numeric correspondences in certain chapters of Genesis and their letter-number correspondences. Later, Randy Masters discovered that these first six notes, UT=396Hz, Re=417Hz , Mi=528Hz, Fa=639Hz, Sol=741Hz, and La=852Hz, were part of a larger set of 18 tones, all of three digits each from 147Hz to 963Hz. Researcher Judy Cole, N.D., was given all 18 notes sometime later by her inner guides. Many people have been using the original 6 notes, later expanded to 7, then expanded to 9 and to 12 and more, for resonating charkas and what many call Higher Harmonic Codes. David Hulse, D.D., has also been teaching the use of the original 6 notes with great success. Dr. Masaru Emoto (author of “Messages From Water” etc.), has also produced beautiful hexagonal water crystal pictures from the first 6 notes. We offer the 18-notes in two sets of 9 tones.

Note: an additional 5 notes derived from extending the sequence above 963Hz is also available by special order. They include 1074Hz, 1185Hz, 1296Hz, 1317Hz, and 1428Hz. These extra 5 higher notes have been used to connect musically with charkas 8 through 12 above the head in the etheric field.

Note: The original 528Hz has been used scientifically to repair broken DNA. In the sacred Gematria of the Hebrew language “The Key” has the Alph-numeric Gematria of 528Hz. All of the notes and tones in the Bible Code set are experimental and no claims made or implied. To be used for experimental purposes only.