The Universal Song “Double Dodecaphonic Scale” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song “Double Dodecaphonic Scale” 25-note tuning fork set contains all of the frequencies of the whole number partials 24 through 48 of the number 11. The number 11 signifies a “gateway” and many people exploring 5th dimensional number codes and master numbers frequently work with the master double-numbers. These tuning forks are excellent sonic tools for attunement to the higher dimensional harmonic codes.

This scale ranges from C (264Hz) to its octave (528Hz). The ratios can also be expressed as 24:24 through 48:24 all with a denominator of 24. The 528Hz note has been used to repair broken DNA, and its Sacred Gematria value, translated with alpha-numerics from the Hebrew language, is “the key”. This C (528Hz) and its lower octave 264 are octaves of the master number 33. All of the 9 master double numbers 11 through 99 are contained in this scale in an octivized form. 352Hz octavizes 11, 22, 44, and 88. 264Hz and 528Hz are octaves of 33 and 66. 440Hz is the octave of 55, 462 Hz is the octave of 77, and 396Hz is the octavized form of 99. The G (396Hz) and C (528Hz) are two foundation tones of the original Solfeggio scale rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo. Famous Earth measurements use some of these numbers-for example, 3,960 mean miles is Earth’s equatorial radius, and 5,280 feet are the ancient and current mile unit.