The Universal Song “Expanded Dinshah Ghadiali
Spectro - Chrome” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song “Expanded Dinshah Ghadiali Spectro-Chrome” 13-note tuning fork set was developed and expanded on from the original research of Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966). He was the renaissance man who successfully developed Spectro-Chrome Therapy, a modality of toning the body with specific colors on specific parts of the body at specific times during the day with a regulated tonation time sequence. His work developed out of a deep study of the spectral line color emissions from the numerical kingdom. In his system using color projectors and special colored glass lenses, he used a total of twelve colors for all of his work. After he passed on in 1966, many other researchers have continued to advance his work. Dinshah only slightly explored color and used only 9 notes to create all 12 of his original colors. He wanted to develop a 72-note color scale, but never completed the task. In 1990, Randy Masters discovered exactly how to complete the 72-tone color scale. We offer a set of 13 tuning forks from the original Ghadiali colors plus additional colors of red-orange, pink, dark violet, and deep or dark red. All of the sound frequencies are derived from mathematical and scientific conversions from the original 12-note color-tones. The nine original colors of red, orange, yellow, lemon, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, and violet, as well as the four extra colors use a single tuning fork. For purple use violet and yellow together, for magenta use violet and red together, and for scarlet use red-orange and blue together. Frequency range: low-approximately 90+Hz to 174+Hz, weighted forks. Medium low range-181+Hz to 349+Hz, unweighted forks.

The synchronous use of color and sound known by wise ancients is being rediscovered and is available in our present time. Researchers and body workers may find a wealth of possibilities in using these color-sound tuning forks.

For additional information on the original Spectro-Chrome modality you may purchase the book “Let There Be Light” written by Ghadiali’s son Darius Diushah from Dinshah Health Society, P.O.Box 707, Malaga, New Jersey, 08328. Phone: 856-692-4686 Also available is the video (VHS), approximately 6hrs. long, called “My Spectro-Chrome”, produced by Darius Diushah.