The Universal Song “Fibonacci Chromatic Nature Scale” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song “Fibonacci Chromatic Nature Scale” 14-note tuning fork set is wonderful for chakra tuning and generally tuning into one of the most important harmonic sequences in our entire reality because the phi ratio is the basic “fractal” of all living systems in our universe. It truly is one of the creational math number sets of our existence.

The Universal Song “Fibonacci Chromatic Nature Scale” tuning fork set is basically a 13-tone chromatic scale with one additional substitute note of Gb instead of F# if desired. All of the notes are based on octavized Fibonacci numbers from this famous additive series of numbers known extensively in the ancient world. This series progresses whenever two adjacent notes add together to create the next number or term. Here is a portion of this series: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610, etc. Notice how 2+3 add together to create 5, and 3+5 add together to create 8, and so on. The ratio 8:5 which is 1.6 decimally, begins the phi ratios or whole number golden mean ratio that come closer and closer to the geometric phi ratio of ( 1 plus the square root of 5) divided by 2 equaling 1.61803398875 etc. etc. This golden ratio of basically 1.618 to 1 is found all over the universe from the smallest to the grandest scale. The counter-rotating spirals of various sunflowers are in adjacent pairs of Fibonacci numbers like 21 and 3; 34 and 55; 55 and 89; 89 and 144. These same numbers are found in the basic floor plans of many ancient temples such as those in Egypt. Our “natural Scale” uses Fibonacci number 1 through 610 and then also uses number 121393.