Universal Song Tuning Forks

Universal Song tuning forks are made so you can enjoy exploring the nature of sound, shape, color, architecture, geometry and science through sound. These special tuning fork combinations assist people in becoming more attuned to the vibratory nature of our magnificent universe. It is like saying to the universe “ let me hear and feel you more closely as we play in the Music of the Spheres”.

Universal Song tuning fork sets are very unique in that they are backed by years of scientific and historical research into the unified field of sound, Sacred Geometry, color, ancient music traditions, and the harmonic proportions found in nature. Universal Song also makes individual custom made forks and custom made sets to suit the needs and qualities of satisfaction for discerning customers around the world. For those explorers of the ancient science of alphabet-number correlations known as Gematria, or Alphanumerics, we make tuning forks to numerical correspondences from Greek, Hebrew, and other languages and sacred texts. These special numbers such as those found in the Kaballah are part of the universal life field of creational harmonics with direct counterparts in physics and other sciences. Tuning forks provide a very easy way to sound these harmonics.

Many people love to sing and tone with the tuning forks. Others like to use them on and around their body, often by placing them on or near acupressure or meridian points and chakra points. Of course, there is the obvious use of tuning forks for tuning musical instruments. Randy Masters offers phone consultations on an hourly rate basis for special guidance in selecting and using tuning forks. Randy also conducts workshops in tuning fork knowledge and application suitable for subtle energy practitioners; massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and other specialists and generalists.

Universal Song tuning forks are made of a special sonically improved and polarized aluminum alloy. They are superior for their ability to deliver superb tone quality, lengthy sustain, and beautiful harmonic overtones. Aluminum is chosen for its tonal beauty and quality of sound. It’s sustain is significantly longer than steel forks made to the same pitch. In addition, aluminum is undisturbed by electromagnetic interference. Leading edge science recognizes the multi-dimensional interface characteristics of certain aluminum alloys. Well-known author and channel, Reverend June Burke, conveyed that aluminum is nature’s rhythmic metal and as such it has many extra special qualities. Aluminum alloys respond quickly to variations in room and body temperature. Nature breathes with minute fluctuations. In keeping with nature, aluminum tuning forks ‘breathe’ as a tuning session progresses. This allows for greater response to individual need. While steel forks hold a pitch more rigidly, it takes additional time for them to warm up and cool down. Moment-to-moment fluctuations that might better serve a client may be missed.

Universal Song ’s single pair of weighted forks are for strong fundamentals from 100Hz to 400Hz. Weights enhance the production and delivery of solid and deep fundamentals. These tuning forks produce a minimum of additional overtones because they emphasize the fundamentals. Universal Song’s double pair of weighted forks are for fundamentals below 100Hz. These tuning forks contain one pair of brass weights and one pair of aluminum weights, creating a powerful and deep sensation. They emit low tones for tuning physical objects such as wood, metal, glass, and crystal.

Universal Song’s unweighted tuning forks are for an overall range from 250Hz to 5,000+Hz Our unweighted forks use a proprietary prepared alloy of aluminum and give off wonderful overtones and harmonics.. In addition to the fundamental tones of the tuning fork, striking two together produces overtones. Overtones produce the complex harmonica and beauty as in the sounds of the Tibetan Bells. Overtones are whole number multiples of the fundamental frequencies of the fork.

Universal Song specializes in tuning forks made to non-traditional music resources as well as tuning forks based on the relationships found in Sacred Geometry or nature’s creational geometry as well as in architecture. Any of the known shapes such as the Platonic forms can be rendered in sound with tuning forks. Many special relationships such as the Hydrogen spectral lines and electron orbit ratios can also be experienced by using specially tuned tuning fork combinations.