The Universal Song “Just Tuned Chromatic Pyramid Scale” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song 14-note “Just Tuned Chromatic Pyramid Scale” tuning fork set is based on simple multiples of prime numbers 2, 3, and 5 only. This chromatic scale is one of most famous in music history. This scale is excellent for tuning or toning chakras. Researcher Don Estes has found 250Hz to be humanity’s common tone, and a note that links us harmonically to the resonance of our “residence” - our Earth! The music of our sphere is awaiting our creative application.

The fundamental frequency is based on a B# of 250Hz, a frequency found by researchers to resonate in the King’s chamber, the Queen’s chamber, and the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza. When octavized down, the 250Hz B# becomes 7.8125Hz, which is a key fundamental of the Earth called the Schumann Resonance – (often registered around 7.83Hz, though the frequency fluctuates slightly). The ratios used in this scale are 1:1 (unison), 16:15 (minor 2nd), 9:8 (major 2nd), 6:5 (minor 3rd), 5:4 (major 3rd), 4:3 (perfect 4th), 45:32 augmented 4th), 64:45 (diminished 5th), 3:2 (perfect 5th), 8:5 (minor 6th), 5:3 (major 6th), 16:9 (minor 7th), 15:8 major 7th) and 2:1 (octave).