The Universal Song “Nogier Regeneration+” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song “Nogier Regeneration” 7-note tuning fork frequencies of Dr. Paul Nogier, a French MD, has been used successfully in veterinary acupuncture with light. Some researchers may wish to explore the combination of tuning forks with the Chee Energy Light devices for the synergy that synchronized sound and light may afford. The frequencies are all octaves of a low D-note at 73Hz and are as follows: 73: 146: 292: 584: 1168: 2336: 4672Hz. The Chee Energy Company makes LED light machines that pulse light at these different frequencies for various veterinary skin and tissue purposes.


Note: see our Universal Song “Tree of Life Gematria” tuning fork set for the complete Tree of Life set.

( Disclaimer: we make no claims whatsoever for any uses, applications, or implications of these tuning forks. They are purely for experimental use only for meditation since 73Hz is the frequency and Gematria number for Chochma or Wisdom on the Tree of Life. Therefore, all 7 notes are octaves of Chochma.)