The Universal Song “Positive Emotions” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song “Positive Emotions” 14-note tuning fork set is an excellent tool for all types of practitioners working with the emotions and anyone wishing to explore the releasing of emotional energy with sound. As with all of our tuning forks, you can sing along with the tuning forks to guide the sound with your intentions.

The unique Universal Song “Positive Emotions” tuning fork set was developed by Dr. Mohsen Hourmanesh and Randy Masters to help clear each chakra vortex of old emotional patterns of stuck energy and help free up the charkas for more positive life experiences. There are seven pairs of tuning forks, 7 forks to clear out the processes that induce negative emotions and chop up the chakra vortexes, and 7 forks to reinforce the positive processes.

The seven pair are: 1. Resistance / Conductance, 2. Impedance / Admittance, 3. Reluctance / Inductance, 4. Inhibition / Exhibition, 5. Obstruction / Facilitation, 6. Hesitation / Persuasion, 7. Reservation / Utilization.

Interestingly, these seven pairs have exact parallels in electrical engineering mirroring the electrical nature of our body’s circuits and like the meridian system of acupuncture and other energy systems.