The Universal Song “Sacred Geometry Scale” tuning fork set.

The 35-note Universal Song “Sacred Geometry Scale” tuning fork set contains the most common ratios in sacred or archetypal geometry. Listening to these ratios helps us hear the proportions used for centuries by architects in the design of churches, temples, statues, and pyramids, as well as other sacred art and building applications. These ratios are part of the Ancient Building Code Science that created “living” architecture that resonated with the fractal patterns of our universe, making many sacred buildings architectural musical instruments.

This scale has 32 notes in a one octave range plus 3 notes that exceed the octave, these notes being the square root of 5, phi squared, and vedic pi= (14 minus the square root of 2) divided by 4. The basic constants square root of 2, 3, 5, square root of phi, and square root of pi are all contained so we can hear these important harmonic ratios of the geometric world of shape. Scales can be constructed for musicians, composers, educators, and sound practitioners who wish to explore the music of the spheres called shapes. The key is that shapes convey and induce resonance.