The Universal Song “Tree of Life, Kabbalah ” tuning fork set.

The Universal Song 15-note “Tree of Life” tuning fork set is wonderful for students of the Kaballah and anyone wishing to explore the sonics of key Gematria numbers. These numbers are wonderful sacred sonic keys to meditate with and can be used on or around the body. Meditations are often done on the specific qualities of each Sephiroth on the Tree as well as the inner intelligence of these specific number resonances.

The Universal Song “Tree of Life” tuning fork set has tuning forks made to sacred numbers from the Kabbalah. There is a tuning fork for each of the 10 Sephiroth: Kether, Binah, Cochma, Gevurah, Hsessed, Tiferet, Hod, Netzach, Yesod, and Malkuth, as well as for Daath, Ain (nothing), Ain-Soph (infinity), Ain-Soph Aur (the Limitless Light) and Aur (light). For example, the Alpha-numeric (Gematria) number for Malkuth (Kingdom) is 496, and 496Hz becomes the B(31) in this system.