Randy Masters, PhD, is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in harmonic mathematics. He has advised many new paradigm scientists and leaders in free energy, water science, cymatic engineering, resonant technologies, and more. He is available for harmonic math and music consultations, via virtual conferencing or at/near his home in Aptos, Santa Cruz County, CA. Please inquire below.  


The Conscious Harmonic Universe with Randy Masters

Keys Areas for the Application of Harmonic Math Engineering

1) Resonant Ratios

Ratio of Components based on Natures Key Resonant Ratios regardless of scale-Ratios found Redundantly in examine aspects of observable reality from Micro to Marco.

2) Lengths, Dimensions as Antennae and Wave Guides

Incorporation of Specific Lengths and Dimensions as Antennae and Wave guides. Nature uses redundant lengths that “talk” to The FIELD and tune to The Field and bring aspects of The Field into resonance with sustainable life.

3) Key Numbers Regardless of Measurements

Use of certain Key Numbers that talk and resonate in the Field regardless of units of measurement and size. 18 inches talks to 1/2 a yard, 18 centimeters (as in the Hydroxyl), 18 hertz, 18 miles and 1.8 units, and 180 units and 1800 units.

4) Root Reductions

Rational Numbers have Root Reductions, called Theosophical Reduction, that all reduce to numbers 1 through 10. 1 + 8 = 9 for example.

5) 3, 6, 9 Building Codes

Numbers 3, 6 and 9 reign supreme as of Nicola Tesla, Edward Leedskalnin (of Coral Castle) and others who understood built according to Cosmic Building Codes.

All things whose numbers reduce to a 9, share a common resonance in Cosmic Design Resonance.

6) Numbers and Harmonics of Physics Constants

Certain Numbers and harmonics of those numbers resonate with key physics Constants, such as the Planck Constant and the Fine Structure Constant or multiples of divisions or harmonic overtones of those Constants.

7) Number Quantity and Quality

Numbers Represent both Quantity and measurement and also of great importance but mostly overlooked today, QUALITIES.

8) Sacred Geometry Numbers

Certain Numbers are derived from Sacred (Creational) or Divine Geometry as observed in nature by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and are key to SHAPE RESONANCE. These Numbers may be irrational or based on Integers.

9) Prime Numbers 

Prime Numbers are most important keys to Harmonic Resonance and specific Pitch Classes as found in Musical Harmonic sets. A 440 hz (primes 2, 5 and 11) is in a different Pitch Class than 432 hz (Primes 2 and 3) or 435 hz (Primes 3, 5 and 29). Each contain different Prime Numbers. These Prime Numbers are the inner harmonic chemistry and resonant numerical Alchemy.

10) Shape Resonance

SHAPE RESONANCE is a key to proper function and purpose. The kidneys are the shape (and material) that supports the function of the Kineys and why kidney beans are a food that mirrors the shape of the kidneys and supports the health of the Kidneys.

11) Specific Materials

Specific Materials support specific functions and to complement the above example, the tetrahedron in side the kidneys are key to kidney function. If certain things exceed their functional boundaries they literally become “Bent out of Shape.”

The Granite Sarcophagus in The Great Pyramid has different granite on the ends than on the sides!

12) Chemical Element Harmonics

The Chemical Components of materials contain harmonic properties. All Elements in the Periodic Table give off Radio Signals in their inner atomic structure called Larmor frequencies. “STONES and TONES are part of the key Equations in a creation.

13) Angles of Information

ANGLES are a very important Harmonic understanding. Change the Angle and change the information. A definition of Angels is Bringers of information. They can bend Light with Angles. Angles and Angels are about bending light and delivering information. The original limestone casing stones on the Great Pyramid have the same molecular and atomic bonding angles as the diagonal Base Angle of the finished Pyramid 51.84-51.85 etc degrees depending on calculation.

14) Holographic Numbers Talk

The ability for all components to harmonically and holographically “talk” to all other components of a creation.

15) Intent and Service

The intent for any created item to be of service to Creator and Creation, with harm to none and good for all and with sights set on long term impact on future generations and supportive of the ongoingness of and sustainability of life.

16) Creator in Numbers

The statement to the Creator of a consciously created item is “I Hear You.”

The Builders of the World Grid Complex Of Temples and Pyramids were said to have declared, “We Pray To The Creator In Numbers.” Numbers are the language of Creation across all cultures and times.

New additions

17) Phi Ratio Harmonics

Select use of phi ratio Golden Mean Harmonics beyond just the basic 0.618/1/1.618 basics. There are many phi ratio Harmonics as part of Nature’s Number One Fractal. There are also phi ratio Harmonics beyond the basic Fibonacci ratio that are important and are derived from other additive series like the Fibonacci series of numbers. Others can be found in hydrogen and DNA research.

18) Internal Structure and Orientation

The internal structure of orientation of a material is very important. When cutting crystals for example, cutting with respect to the C Axis is essential for the flow of energy. The blocks that make up the Great Pyramid are carefully placed according to magnetic orientation, not mere perfect physical fit , but energetic placement.

19) Synergy 

The synergy of complementary inner actions must be considered to achieve results that are greater than the sum of the parts including using material from specific locations.

Even latitude and longitude have a specific numerical and Harmonic language.

20) Earth Grid Harmonics

When a physical location is part of the design. Earth Grid Harmonics are essential for higher dimensional functioning and attunement. Ancient structures have been placed on Earth to mirror certain star alignments and angles as with the many sets of 3 pyramids mirroring the stars in the Belt of Orion and shafts having specific angles and celestial calendar alignments.

Also many structures around the world had been built in phi and pi numerical distances such as 1,618 miles and 3,142 miles, as well as in angles using the same numbers such as 16.18 or 161.8 degrees. All Harmonic Field Math and Number.

21) Number Anagrams

With a set of numbers that are anagrams of the same set of numbers, which number is in which position is another Harmonic area, such with 1618: 1816:6181:8161:1168:1186, etc. Same digits but different Resonance besides the obvious of measurement size.

22) Higher Dimensional Numbers 

Although not common knowledge in most 3D world operations, numbers have higher dimensional meanings and influences from 2D to 3D and beyond, as do geometric shapes such as the hypercube compared to the cube. The Aprons on certain Egyptian hieroglyphs have special angles due to deeper meanings and alignments.

23) Numbers of Colors

Colors have specific wavelengths that use Harmonic math in the area of vibration of color, but may be key numbers in other areas. Middle True Green is 528 nm. In Greek Gematria, 528 means “The Key” and there are 5,280 feet in the mile and 528 hz is a high C note and 528 is an important vortex math number. 528 hz converged to light is a green color.

24) Numerical Play

Some numbers have regenerative properties like the number 153 so common in the Great Pyramid. By applying the law of the Trinity – 1^3+5^3+ 3^3 = 153. 152 and 154 would not be the choice in certain applications. Some numbers are hidden in their measurement units. 15 feet + 4 inches equals 15 plus 1/3 feet, and 12.75 feet equals 153 inches and 4.25 yards. All the same length but different numbers in different units with different meanings. Sometimes this numerical “play” is an important Harmonic design element.

The list goes on….. depending on what is important, essential, “practical,” and of exoteric and/or esoteric importance. Just because it is outside of the consensus reality does not mean that it is not important at other levels.

Shaping Light and Sound chapter featuring Randy Masters – in Hidden Energy by Jeanne Manning & Susan Manewich

Harmonic 9944 Appendix by Randy Masters in Kryon Book 3: Alchemy of the Human Spirit by Lee Carroll


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