Universal Song tuning forks are made so you can enjoy exploring the nature of sound, shape, color, architecture, geometry and science through sound. These special tuning fork combinations assist people in becoming more attuned to the vibratory nature of our magnificent universe. It is like saying to the universe “ let me hear and feel you more closely as we play in the Music of the Spheres”.

Universal Song tuning fork sets are very unique in that they are backed by years of scientific and historical research into the unified field of sound, Sacred Geometry, color, ancient music traditions, and the harmonic proportions found in nature. Universal Song also makes individual custom made forks and custom made sets to suit the needs and qualities of satisfaction for discerning customers around the world. For those explorers of the ancient science of alphabet-number correlations known as Gematria, or Alphanumerics, we make tuning forks to numerical correspondences from Greek, Hebrew, and other languages and sacred texts. These special numbers such as those found in the Kaballah are part of the universal life field of creational harmonics with direct counterparts in physics and other sciences. Tuning forks provide a very easy way to sound these harmonics.

Many people love to sing and tone with the tuning forks. Others like to use them on and around their body, often by placing them on or near acupressure or meridian points and chakra points. Of course, there is the obvious use of tuning forks for tuning musical instruments. Randy Masters offers phone consultations on an hourly rate basis for special guidance in selecting and using tuning forks. Randy also conducts workshops in tuning fork knowledge and application suitable for subtle energy practitioners; massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and other specialists and generalists.

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Universal Song tuning forks are made of a special sonically improved and polarized aluminum alloy. They are superior for their ability to deliver superb tone quality, lengthy sustain, and beautiful harmonic overtones. Aluminum is chosen for its tonal beauty and quality of sound. It’s sustain is significantly longer than steel forks made to the same pitch. In addition, aluminum is undisturbed by electromagnetic interference. Leading edge science recognizes the multi-dimensional interface characteristics of certain aluminum alloys. Well-known author and channel, Reverend June Burke, conveyed that aluminum is nature’s rhythmic metal and as such it has many extra special qualities. Aluminum alloys respond quickly to variations in room and body temperature. Nature breathes with minute fluctuations. In keeping with nature, aluminum tuning forks ‘breathe’ as a tuning session progresses. This allows for greater response to individual need. While steel forks hold a pitch more rigidly, it takes additional time for them to warm up and cool down. Moment-to-moment fluctuations that might better serve a client may be missed.

Universal Song ’s single pair of weighted forks are for strong fundamentals from 100 hz to 400 hz. Weights enhance the production and delivery of solid and deep fundamentals. These tuning forks produce a minimum of additional overtones because they emphasize the fundamentals. Universal Song’s double pair of weighted forks are for fundamentals below 100 hz. These tuning forks contain one pair of brass weights and one pair of aluminum weights, creating a powerful and deep sensation. They emit low tones for tuning physical objects such as wood, metal, glass, and crystal.

Universal Song’s unweighted tuning forks are for an overall range from 250 hz to 5,000+ hz Our unweighted forks use a proprietary prepared alloy of aluminum and give off wonderful overtones and harmonics.. In addition to the fundamental tones of the tuning fork, striking two together produces overtones. Overtones produce the complex harmonica and beauty as in the sounds of the Tibetan Bells. Overtones are whole number multiples of the fundamental frequencies of the fork.

Universal Song specializes in tuning forks made to non-traditional music resources as well as tuning forks based on the relationships found in Sacred Geometry or nature’s creational geometry as well as in architecture. Any of the known shapes such as the Platonic forms can be rendered in sound with tuning forks. Many special relationships such as the Hydrogen spectral lines and electron orbit ratios can also be experienced by using specially tuned tuning fork combinations.

The following are the 1st round of Tuning Fork sets made of Medical and Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy. Each set comes with a custom pouch and a hard Rubber Activator.


Extended Solfeggio 9-Note Tuning Fork Set 1 – Unweighted

174 hz, 285 hz, 396 hz, 417 hz, 528 hz, 639 hz, 741 hz, 852 hz, 963 hz

SKU = TFESS1-9T 963
MSRP = $360 USD

Extended Solfeggio 9-Note Tuning Fork Set 2 – Unweighted

147 hz, 258 hz, 369 hz, 471 hz, 582 hz, 693 hz, 714 hz, 825 hz, 936 hz

MSRP = $360 USD

Five Limit Prime Just-Tuned Chromatic Scale with Reciprocals  14 Notes – Weighted  

1/1, 16/15, 9/8, 32/27, 5/4, 4/3, 45/32, 64/45, 3/2, 8/5, 27/16, 16/9, 15/8, 2/1

MSRP = $630 USD

Same as Above Unweighted Version

MSRP = $567 USD

“East Indian Musical Tonal System Scale” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “East Indian Musical Tonal System Scale” 23-note tuning fork set includes all of the essential divisions of the octave used to play all of the ragas and scales of North and South India. The tuning system is called 5-limit Just Tuning because only prime numbers 2, 3, and 5 and their multiples are used for all the musical ratios. Each note has basically two choices that are a syntonic comma ratio of 81:80 apart, such as (5:3 major 6th and 27:16 major 6th plus) or 6:5 minor 3rd and 32:27, minor 3rd minus. The plus and minus refer to the raising or lowering of a specific ratio by this syntonic comma. Our chosen DO or SA (in the Indian system), our starting note with this scale is C#+ of 270 hz. When this specific fundamental is used, all of the frequency numbers for all of the scales’ notes are important Hydrogen numbers. For example, 364.5 (F#++) is the famous Balmer Constant used to find the Spectral Lines of all the Hydrogen wavelengths. B+ 486 in nanometers is the Balmer M4 Spectral Line of Hydrogen and 379.6875 (F##++) is Balmer M9. What this means is that using 270 hz as our scale root, all the other notes in the raga will be harmonics of the main building block of all matter in our universe, namely Hydrogen.

This discovery by Randy Masters is both basic and very profound for making music in tone with the rest of the universe. There is a strong chance that this 270Hz C#+ is the tone that Stradivarius violins were built to resonate with. The F#+ of 337.5 hz in this scale is the octavized reciprocal of the main resonance of our DNA.

“Pythagorean (Egyptian, Chinese)” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “Ancient Egyptian” 24-note tuning fork set is based on the 23-note Hathor scale (22-note+octave) called Het-Heru and the 18-note Osiris scale (17-note+octave) called Aussar, which are both contained in this composite24-note scale. This scale represents the first organized musical tonal system of the ancient world. Folk harp players may find this scale especially effective for toning and playing in a modal setting (without fretted instrument accompaniment). Voice, flute, and harp combinations are especially appropriate, as the ancient world did not use equal-tempered tuning.

This scale is based on the ancient cycle or spiral of perfect 5ths (ratio 3/2) starting with an Abb and culminating with an E#. The Hathor scale uses all of these notes except Gb, though it contains an F#. The Osiris scale begins on Fbb and continues up to F# in the spiral of 5ths. The Osiris scale does not skip any notes from Ebb up to F#. The composite cycle of both scales is as follows: Ebb: Bbb: Fb: Cb: Gb: Db: Ab: Eb: Bb: F: C: G: D: A: E: B: F#: C#: G#: D#: D#: A#: and E#. All of these notes are contained in the 60-note ancient Chinese tonal matrix based on the same perfect 5th spiral. Our composite scale has a range of one octave from C=256Hz up to C=512Hz. All of the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian modes may be played with this scale, as well as all the Chinese Pentatonic (5-note) scales.


“Artist’s Palette,” includes Rainbow, Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song 24-note “Artist’s Palette” tuning fork set is designed for artists, musicians, healers and teachers. This tuning fork collection is excellent for any energy work where color attunement and augmentation is desired. These color forks are excellent for bodyworkers and massage practitioners and therapists who want to create a full-spectrum sonic experience.

The Universal Song “Artist’s Palette” tuning fork set contains the sound equivalent of 24 famous color pigments used by artists. The sound frequencies for pigments are a perfect 5th (ratio 3:2) below the sound frequencies of light. This set includes all exact nine colors of the rainbow.

These color pigments were converted to sound from the original scientific study of their color wavelengths in nanometer measurements. The colors are from red to violet:

1. Infra-red

2. Extreme red

3. Middle red I

4. Middle red II (rainbow)

5. Middle red III (rainbow)

6. Maxwell primary red

7. Middle orange-red

8. Middle orange

9. Middle orange-yellow (rainbow)

10. Middle pure yellow

11. Middle true green

12. Maxwell primary green (rainbow)

13. Blue-green

14. Middle cyan blue I

15. Middle cyan blue II

16. Middle blue

17. Maxwell primary blue

18. Indigo I blue-violet

19. Indigo II blue-violet

20. Violet

“Expanded Dinshah Ghadiali
Spectro–Chrome” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “Expanded Dinshah Ghadiali Spectro-Chrome” 13-note tuning fork set was developed and expanded on from the original research of Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966). He was the renaissance man who successfully developed Spectro-Chrome Therapy, a modality of toning the body with specific colors on specific parts of the body at specific times during the day with a regulated tonation time sequence. His work developed out of a deep study of the spectral line color emissions from the numerical kingdom. In his system using color projectors and special colored glass lenses, he used a total of twelve colors for all of his work. After he passed on in 1966, many other researchers have continued to advance his work. Dinshah only slightly explored color and used only 9 notes to create all 12 of his original colors. He wanted to develop a 72-note color scale, but never completed the task. In 1990, Randy Masters discovered exactly how to complete the 72-tone color scale. We offer a set of 13 tuning forks from the original Ghadiali colors plus additional colors of red-orange, pink, dark violet, and deep or dark red. All of the sound frequencies are derived from mathematical and scientific conversions from the original 12-note color-tones. The nine original colors of red, orange, yellow, lemon, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, and violet, as well as the four extra colors use a single tuning fork. For purple use violet and yellow together, for magenta use violet and red together, and for scarlet use red-orange and blue together. Frequency range: low-approximately 90+hz to 174+hz, weighted forks. Medium low range –181+hz to 349+hz, unweighted forks.

The synchronous use of color and sound known by wise ancients is being rediscovered and is available in our present time. Researchers and body workers may find a wealth of possibilities in using these color-sound tuning forks.

For additional information on the original Spectro-Chrome modality you may purchase the book “Let There Be Light” written by Ghadiali’s son Darius Diushah from Dinshah Health Society, P.O.Box 707, Malaga, New Jersey, 08328. Phone: 856-692-4686 Also available is the video (VHS), approximately 6 hrs long, called “My Spectro-Chrome,” produced by Darius Diushah.

Dinshah Ghadiali Spectro-Chrome Color Set – 13 Notes – Weighted

MSRP = $585 USD

Same as Above Unweighted Version

MSRP = $522 USD


BioResonance 7-Note Chakra Tuning Fork Set – Weighted only

45 hz, 90 hz, 55 hz, 85 hz, 70 hz, 95 hz, 100 hz

MSRP = $324 USD

Chakra Sound Frequencies – based on the 18-Tone Zobet grid of select Vortex Math Numbers 

Copyright by Randolph W. Masters

Here are my choices for Chakra Sound Frequencies based on the 18-Tone Zobet (Hebrew for In The House of the Lord). Judy Cole’s guides gave her the 18 numbers and called that set – Zobet. I worked out the numbers earlier by just listing all the numerical anagrams of 1-4-7; 2-5-8; 3-6-9.

Chakra below the feet: 174 hz, F 29+ very dark Red

Root Chakra: 396 hz, G11, Medium Red

Minor Chakra between Root and 2nd Chakra: 417 hz, G##139, an Orangish Red

2nd Chakra: 852 hz, A 71+,Orange

3rd Chakra–Solar Plexus: 471 hz, A##157+, Yellow =150 x 3.14 PI. 314 is one of the cabalistic gematria numbers for Metatron.The other number is 962, which is 963-1.

Alternate Solar Plexus frequency: 936 hz = Bb13. Yellow

Higher Solar Plexus: 963 hz = B107+, a Lemon Yellow combining yellow and Green

Heart Chakra: 528 hz = C11. Note – 528 nanometers is called Middle True Green

Alternate Heart Chakra: 258 hz called C43. I prefer the 528 for many reasons.

Throat Chakra: 582 hz = D97. Blue

Alternate Throat Chakra: 285 hz = D19. Blue  (741 = Gb13,19 is 2.6 above 285.  2.6 represents Phi Squared 2.61803398875, etc )

Third Eye, 6th Chakra: 147 hz = D49. Indigo or Blue Violet.

Alternate 6th Chakra: 639 hz = E71+.639 x 4/3, Perfect 4th =852 = A 71+


Some sound researchers have used 936 and 963 for the 3rd Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra: 369 hz = F#41 + Violet

Alternate Crown Chakra: 741 hz = Gb13,19. Violet Maybe 741 can be used for the next Chakra above the Crown

Additional alternate Crown Chakra: 693 hz = F 7, 11+. 693/528 = 21/16 = 1.3125 = Phi Squared/2, 21/8 = 2.625 = a ratio of 2 Fibonacci Numbers. 13/8 = 1.625 (phi) and 21/8 = 2.625 = Phi Squared

5 Element Chinese Acupuncture  Pentatonic Tuning Fork Set, 6-Notes

I compared the acupuncture sound associations from companies around the world and combined that with Ancient Chinese musical theory as well as what basic tones (without the exact frequencies) were associated with various of the 5 element theory. Then I put the exact Chinese numbers to that and all off these alignments appeared. Some other companies had close but different numbers, but not the exact Chinese numbers. A few companies had some different associations with “note names” but not exact frequencies. A few others used Equal-Tempered tuning which I discarded for many reasons. Another company had some associations that I had no idea where they got them. Perhaps their own trial and error. I also used the color conversions as part of my formulas.

I do not use, like some practitioners, Acutonics, the Planetary notes and frequencies from Hand acoustic. That system is too limited to the astronomical and astrological associations and interpretations. I have met several licensed acupuncturists who use the Acutonics planetary forks, and I don’t go there. I examined that approach 30 years ago before Acutonics even existed, and I chose a different path. I got a lot from studying Ancient Chinese musical theory and Ancient Chinese number theory and how it relates to the Iching and the DNA. I hope that gives you an idea. I am very much behind licensed acupuncturists teaching sound heal students how to Safely work with the acupuncture meridian and elements. There is a lot mire to it. Students need to take the study seriously, study enough of acupuncture knowledge and training  to have safe protocols so they can include this work in their protocol offerings. Any students wanting to do this work need to be serious enough to purchase the right or at least useful tuning forks.

The Ancient Chinese did not use tuning forks for this work but they used sound, gongs, flutes and different musical instruments. The use of tuning forks with acupuncture is very new around the planet. The technical name is “phonophorese”. Many of my acupuncture students have even gotten better results with tuning forks than with just needles. I love the needles so I am not minimalizing that, but it sure points to sound delivering great results with the meridians and balancing the elements properly. I require my students to study some acupuncture before I share that info.

5 Element Chinese Acupuncture Pentatonic Tuning Fork Set, 6-Notes

C#, D#, F#, G#, A#, C# Weighted
MSRP = $270 USD

The Song, Amazing Grace can be played with this set, equivalent to the Black Keys on a piano.

Unweighted Version of Above

MSRP = $243 USD

“Fibonacci Chromatic Nature Scale” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “Fibonacci Chromatic Nature Scale” 14-note tuning fork set is wonderful for chakra tuning and generally tuning into one of the most important harmonic sequences in our entire reality because the phi ratio is the basic “fractal” of all living systems in our universe. It truly is one of the creational math number sets of our existence.

The Universal Song “Fibonacci Chromatic Nature Scale” tuning fork set is basically a 13-tone chromatic scale with one additional substitute note of Gb instead of F# if desired. All of the notes are based on octavized Fibonacci numbers from this famous additive series of numbers known extensively in the ancient world. This series progresses whenever two adjacent notes add together to create the next number or term. Here is a portion of this series: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, etc. Notice how 2+3 add together to create 5, and 3+5 add together to create 8, and so on. The ratio 8:5 which is 1.6 decimally, begins the phi ratios or whole number golden mean ratio that come closer and closer to the geometric phi ratio of (1 plus the square root of 5) divided by 2 equaling 1.61803398875 etc. This golden ratio of basically 1.618 to 1 is found all over the universe from the smallest to the grandest scale. The counter-rotating spirals of various sunflowers are in adjacent pairs of Fibonacci numbers like 21 and 3; 34 and 55; 55 and 89; 89 and 144. These same numbers are found in the basic floor plans of many ancient temples such as those in Egypt. Our “natural Scale” uses Fibonacci number 1 through 610 and then also uses number 121393.

“Nogier Regeneration+” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “Nogier Regeneration” 7-note tuning fork frequencies of Dr. Paul Nogier, a French MD, has been used successfully in veterinary acupuncture with light. Some researchers may wish to explore the combination of tuning forks with the Chee Energy Light devices for the synergy that synchronized sound and light may afford. The frequencies are all octaves of a low D-note at 73 hz and are as follows: 73 : 146 : 292 : 584 : 1168 : 2336 : 4672 hz. The Chee Energy Company makes LED light machines that pulse light at these different frequencies for various veterinary skin and tissue purposes.

Note: see our Universal Song “Tree of Life Gematria” tuning fork set for the complete Tree of Life set.

(Disclaimer: we make no claims whatsoever for any uses, applications, or implications of these tuning forks. They are purely for experimental use only for meditation since 73 hz is the frequency and Gematria number for Chochma or Wisdom on the Tree of Life. Therefore, all 7 notes are octaves of Chochma.)


“Just Tuned Chromatic Pyramid Scale” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song 14-note “Just Tuned Chromatic Pyramid Scale” tuning fork set is based on simple multiples of prime numbers 2, 3, and 5 only. This chromatic scale is one of most famous in music history. This scale is excellent for tuning or toning chakras. Researcher Don Estes has found 250 hz to be humanity’s common tone, and a note that links us harmonically to the resonance of our “residence” – our Earth! The music of our sphere is awaiting our creative application.

The fundamental frequency is based on a B# of 250 hz, a frequency found by researchers to resonate in the King’s chamber, the Queen’s chamber, and the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid of Giza. When octavized down, the 250 hz B# becomes 7.8125 hz, which is a key fundamental of the Earth called the Schumann Resonance – (often registered around 7.83 hz, though the frequency fluctuates slightly). The ratios used in this scale are 1:1 (unison), 16:15 (minor 2nd), 9:8 (major 2nd), 6:5 (minor 3rd), 5:4 (major 3rd), 4:3 (perfect 4th), 45:32 augmented 4th), 64:45 (diminished 5th), 3:2 (perfect 5th), 8:5 (minor 6th), 5:3 (major 6th), 16:9 (minor 7th), 15:8 major 7th) and 2:1 (octave).

“Bible Code Matrix“ Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “Bible Code Matrix” 18-note tuning fork set includes the original six sacred solfeggio notes. The book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” by Leonard Horwitz documents Dr. Joseph Puleo’s re-discovery of a set of creation tones that formed what is believed to be the first Solfeggio Scale. This scale was rediscovered by Dr. Puleo, M.D. and Bible scholar, as he researched the alpha-numeric correspondences in certain chapters of Genesis and their letter-number correspondences. Later, Randy Masters discovered that these first six notes, UT=396 hz, Re=417 hz , Mi=528 hz, Fa=639 hz, Sol=741 hz, and La=852 hz, were part of a larger set of 18 tones, all of three digits each from 147 hz to 963 hz. Researcher Judy Cole, N.D., was given all 18 notes sometime later by her inner guides. Many people have been using the original 6 notes, later expanded to 7, then expanded to 9 and to 12 and more, for resonating charkas and what many call Higher Harmonic Codes. David Hulse, D.D., has also been teaching the use of the original 6 notes with great success. Dr. Masaru Emoto (author of “Messages From Water” etc.), has also produced beautiful hexagonal water crystal pictures from the first 6 notes. We offer the 18-notes in two sets of 9 tones.

Note: an additional 5 notes derived from extending the sequence above 963 hz is also available by special order. They include 1074 hz, 1185 hz, 1296 hz, 1317 hz, and 1428 hz. These extra 5 higher notes have been used to connect musically with charkas 8 through 12 above the head in the etheric field.

Note: The original 528 hz has been used scientifically to repair broken DNA. In the sacred Gematria of the Hebrew language “The Key” has the Alph-numeric Gematria of 528 hz. All of the notes and tones in the Bible Code set are experimental and no claims made or implied. To be used for experimental purposes only.

“Double Dodecaphonic Scale” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “Double Dodecaphonic Scale” 25-note tuning fork set contains all of the frequencies of the whole number partials 24 through 48 of the number 11. The number 11 signifies a “gateway” and many people exploring 5th dimensional number codes and master numbers frequently work with the master double-numbers. These tuning forks are excellent sonic tools for attunement to the higher dimensional harmonic codes.

This scale ranges from C (264 hz) to its octave (528 hz). The ratios can also be expressed as 24:24 through 48:24 all with a denominator of 24. The 528 hz note has been used to repair broken DNA, and its Sacred Gematria value, translated with alpha-numerics from the Hebrew language, is “the key”. This C (528Hz) and its lower octave 264 are octaves of the master number 33. All of the 9 master double numbers 11 through 99 are contained in this scale in an octivized form. 352 hz octavizes 11, 22, 44, and 88. 264 hz and 528 hz are octaves of 33 and 66. 440 hz is the octave of 55, 462 hz is the octave of 77, and 396 hz is the octavized form of 99. The G (396 hz) and C (528 hz) are two foundation tones of the original Solfeggio scale rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo. Famous Earth measurements use some of these numbers-for example, 3,960 mean miles is Earth’s equatorial radius, and 5,280 feet are the ancient and current mile unit.

“Triple Number” Tuning Fork Set

The Universal Song “Triple Number” 9-tone tuning fork set is made to each of the nine triple numbers 111 hz through 999 hz. All of the ten most common and harmonious ratios (intervals) in whole number harmonics can be played with combinations of these nine notes. They are all overtones of the number 37 and the number 3, or 3 X 37= 111. Each of these nine notes has a specific name: 111 hz, 222 hz, 444 hz, and 888 hz are called A37+, in just tuning note naming. 333 hz and 666 hz are labeled E37+.The following are the whole number multiples of each note in this series, based on 37 as a fundamental:
3: 6: 9: 12: 15: 18: 21: 24: and 27.

The number 111hz has been investigated as a cell rejuvenating frequency by many researchers. The physical constant of Hydrogen ratio 37:27 used as a fundamental creates the following series for these triple numbers: 81: 162: 243: 324: 405: 486: 567: 648: 729. The physical constant of Hydrogen is important for the behavior of light and matter. This constant value is immortalized in the Great Pyramid of Giza in the King’s chamber, where there are 37 blocks on the south wall and 27 blocks on the north wall. All nine of these numbers are core harmonics in the Gematria in the Bible as the numbers 3 and 37 are the two most common numbers in the Bible, and 111 is a product of these two prime numbers. The value of 486 feet for the total height of the Giza pyramid multiplied by the 37:27 ratio equals 666, the number of physical matter, a code for the carbon atom and carbon based life forms with 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons. 486 nanometers is the value for the Balmer M4 spectral line of Hydrogen, the exact cyan blue color of the rainbow and a key Pythagorean number of the ancient musical world. 555 hz = C#37+, 777 hz = G7(37)+, and 999 hz = B37+.

The ten most harmonious ratios, according to acoustic theoretician Arthur Benade, are, in order of “harmoniousness”:
2:1 (octave), 3:2 (perfect 5th), 4:3 (perfect 4th), 5:3 (major 6th), 5:4 major 3rd), 6:5 (minor 3rd) 7:4 (harmonic minor 7th, blues note), 7:5 (septimal tritone, diminished 5th blues note), 8:5 (minor 6th), and 7:6 (septimal minor 3rd, blues note).

9-Tone Triple Number Tuning Fork Set – Unweighted

SKU = TFTN 9T-111
MSRP = $360 USD

* NOTE: Custom Tuning Fork Sets Created by Request, Weighted or Unweighted

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