Kyliya Ivy: harmonic music, art and design 

Jane Seligson: business and project consulting

Marcos Warshaw: computer IT management

And more


Randy Masters has hosted numerous luminaries and collaborating allies at his home in Aptos, CA, and has crossed paths with many them.


Ashwin Batish: Indian music

Shiv Dayal Batish: Indian music

Bibi McGill: guitar, yoga, and music direction

Charlie Byrd: jazz guitar

Hedzoleh Soundz: Ghana national band

Jerry Daniels: vocal band member of Ink Spots

Lou Harrison: Gamelan composition

Steven Halpern: New Age music

Jean-Luc Bozzoli


Alexander Putney: human resonance science and art

Amro Mounir: Egyptology

Asha Deliverance: geodesic Pacific Domes

Caroline Cory: consciousness teachings and films

David Gibson: Globe Institute of sound healing and music engineering

Don Gomez: war documentary

Don Estes: sensory stimulation therapy engineering

Erik Larsen: cymatics engineering

Fabian Maman: sound and color vibration

Foster Gamble: Thrive documentary film series

Fred Bell, Pyradyne: quantum physics, pyramid technology

Gary Buchanan: cymatics, sonatherapy

Guy Buffet: French American painting

Jain 108: Vedic mathematics

Janosh: vibrational geometry art

Jean-Luc Bozzoli: visionary painting

Joan Ocean: dolphin retreats

Lee Carroll: Kryon, spiritual ET channelings

Lynnclaire Dennis: conscious science books

Marshall Lefferts: Cosmometry, holofractal nature

Nassim Haramein: unified physics, Resonance Science Foundation

Patrick Flanagan: Phi Sciences inventions

Rowena Kryder: Gaia oracle books

Susan Manewich: emotional intelligence leadership

West Marrin: universal water science

Wesley Bateman: ET contact

William Henry: ascension mythology and art


A letter to Randy from Kryon

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