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Science of Creational Alphabets, Gematria

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Music of the Spheres

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‘Life Changing’ Workshops with Randy Masters


Do you know how the Universe works? Ancient societies had access to this information and have protected it for thousands of years. Now, as an evolving culture, we are ready to explore those mysteries and learn the Fundamental truths of our existence. Join Randy Masters as he takes you on a journey into the secret workings of the Universe through sound.

This seminar offers you an opportunity to see life through coherent, loving, musical and geometric relationships. You will learn a greater appreciation for the Harmonic order of the Universe and learn to recognize tonal relationships in our solar system and in the intricacies of our web of life.

Exploring the Sacred Geometry of art and architecture, you will experience Harmonic Sound Frequencies that were encoded in such sacred sites as Stonehenge, The Parthenon and The Great Pyramid. You will also learn how sound and sacred geometric fields influence your spinal column, endocrine glands, DNA and brainwaves and how spiritual wisdom emanates from an esoteric understanding of the energy of sound frequencies.

The Universal Song presentation will instill in you an appreciation for the musical beauty of all existence as it reveals intimate Relationships between sound, light, mathematics, geometry and planetary movement. Randy uses selected sound recordings, sacred readings, geometric models, video excerpts, sacred symbols, numerical codes and specially calibrated tuning forks to help reveal universal reverence for life within the Unified field of existence connected through the harmonics of all living relationships.


– The Relationship of Sacred Geometry and Sound
– Geometric Forms and their Sounds
– The Tree of Life Harmonics and Sacred Numbers

– Famous Musical Tuning Systems of the Ancient Worlds; Greece, Egypt, China,
India, Middle East
– Musical Scales from around the World
– Overtones and Undertones…Natural Acoustics
– Sounds of the Planets and Moons
– Nature’s Scales: the Fibonacci Number System

– Relationship of Sound and Color
– The Dinshah Ghadiali Color System converted to sound from 12 to 72 colors
– The Sound Frequencies of the Periodic Table of the Elements
– The Sound Resonances and Frequencies of the Rainbow
– Musical Intervals and harmonic resonances of the Emotions
– Famous Gematria Numbers and their musical Sound Healing Uses

– The Use of Tuning Forks for Healing, for Beginners to Advanced Levels
– Energy Exercises for building and enhancing strong personal energy fields
– Chakra Systems – 7,12, 22, 32
– Practical everyday applications and uses of sacred geometric shapes for
personal healing and the environment

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Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Example Presentation

Sound Healing and Our Quantum Connection

With the exciting, multi-discipline discoveries of how our consciousness effects our reality, we are learning how we can use our expanding consciousness with our intention, activation tools and technologies to make Sound Healing even more effective, profound and life changing. The new technologies are built on the validation that all things are interconnected, and that sound and light are at the heart of the matter, and in fact greatly affect the behavior of matter itself.

Randy will present Key ancient Sound knowledge that activates and assists our connection to this subtle quantum world. These same activations can also assist in our way of life, both individually and with each other. He will explain why our cells are so receptive to Tuning Fork energy waveforms and we will together look into how the Divine Quantum Field connection moves us from a particle to a wave orientation bringing us higher resonance and coherence.

This presentation will share details of how researchers have come to understand more about how the Universe works at the deepest levels that highlight the power and importance of sound. We will look at how sound and light work together and are part of shaping and improving our reality. Extensive experiments and mathematical measurement into phonon behavior have led some researchers to postulate that even our thoughts create sounds inside our bodies and influence our own well-being. And surprisingly, they found, that these same thoughts can produce similar results in the bodies of those we think about.

To enable our Sound Healing and Quantum Field subtle energy experience, Randy has specifically designed new Tuning Fork activations that can also work alongside coherence measuring instruments such as EEG, EKG and HRV.  As we become more proficient in using these Sound and Quantum Activations our personal coherence from our cells to our everyday awareness increases.

The guiding principle of fostering more heart-mind coherence through the understanding and application of harmonic principles is something that can be shared with everyone. It is open for all of us to move along this journey at any time that fits our busy lives, or our deeper spiritual paths. Join Randy to see how Sound Healing and the Quantum Connection could help your world.

Living Examples of the Music of the Spheres

By Randy Masters

Many have heard or read the quote from Pythagoras that “There is a geometry in the humming of strings” and other similar comments that use the phrase “Music of the Spheres”. But what does Music of the Spheres mean….sonic bowling balls, the sound of a 90-mile an hour baseball, the “boing” sound of a bouncing basketball? Well, sports fans, there is some truth even in these whimsical ideas.

The term spheres includes the sonic resonance and vibrations of planets and moons and all of the various vibratory phenomenon that they emit whether we hear them or not. So yes, there is Music of the Spheres in our celestial bodies including all of the other sounds of rain, water flowing or falling on rocks, pounding rumbles of surf, earthquakes, cracking thunder, explosive volcanoes, land slides, and glaciers breaking. The NASA Voyager I and II space probe recordings have even captured sounds from the electromagnetic spectrum in the atmospheres and solar winds around most of our planets and the rings of Saturn and Uranus. Russian scientists have discovered that injured cats purr to certain frequencies and are able to heal themselves with their sound. Now the Russians are applying those sounds to their cosmonauts and top athletes with remarkable results. It is now known that healthy plants depend upon the sounds of singing birds to wake up certain natural growth patterns and the sounds of different species of birds affect the plant processes differently. The Sonic Bloom project puts this knowledge to use to foster healthy plants. French composers Claude Debussy and Olivier Messiaen both studied birdcalls and composer Joe Weed composed our entire CD of songs based on bird songs.

The recording “Medicine Songs” by David Carson and the Little Wolf Band contains a song titled “Ballad of the Twisted Hair” that has the sound of crickets singing played many octaves lower. The results sound like a choir of female human voices singing a simple diatonic (same 7-note scale) chord progression and melody with a 2-part structure. This recording has moved audiences in lectures in an amazing way. What songs are the other creatures singing? Perhaps they are not only singing for plants, but for entire planets as well, much like the beating of butterfly wings in Japan, influencing the weather in North America. Seven main frequencies called “spherics” also affect our weather and all but one is in the audible range for humans. They form a beautiful, perfectly tuned B# or C major 6th chord in the ratio sequence 4:6:8:10:12:27:48, exactly. The lowest of the notes starts with the highest C on an 88-key piano.

When the octavized Bb note (57 octaves above its origin pitch) is played together with its octavized reciprocal (created by dividing the original tone in the number one) and then multiplying by 2 seventeen times) it creates the complementary D note. These two notes, a musical minor 6th interval apart, can then play the first nine notes of the theme from the movie “Love Story” by French composer Francois Lai. “When do we begin, to tell the story” as the lyrics state that go with the notes. The minor 6th (1.5923) is closer than the minor 6th of our current common equal-tempered tuned minor 6th (1.5874) to the minor 6th that is the famous phi ratio or golden mean of 1.618 etc., which is the key geometric fractal of our entire living universe. It may be very significant that the frequency that emerges from a black hole together with its reciprocal suggests this most basic interval of living systems, plants and the main proportions of all living creatures.

The Hydrogen molecule, the basic building block element of all matter, goes through a daily polarity shift for all of us. At sunrise the polarity is a red color and at sunset the color is violet. Both of these colors pivot around a constant green. When people get “jet lag”, their bodies get out of sync with the Hydrogen molecule. When we look at the spectral lines of Hydrogen from the 34 line Balmer Series, 31 of the 34 spectral lines are violet. When we convert Balmer M3 6561 Angstroms over Balmer M6 4100.625 Angstroms to sound, we have the most perfectly tuned minor 6th in acoustics, the ratio 1.6 exactly or ratio 8:5. This 8:5 ratio is right out of the famous Fibonacci Series of numbers (1,1,2,3,9,8,13,21,etc.) that governs growth in our physical universe, from the microscopically small to the infinitely large scale. Again, these two notes can be used to play the “Love Story” theme, this time through the music of Hydrogen.

Our Earth is larger than our moon by the average whole number ratio of 11:3, using a 7,920-mile mean diameter for the Earth and a 1080-mile mean diameter for the moon. This ratio is approximately phi to the 5th power, divided by 3. Our sun is approximately 400 times larger than the moon using 864,000 miles for the sun’s diameter. All of these numbers and ratios are part of the Music of the
Spheres harmonic proportions both geometrically and musically.

We can find all of these numbers encoded into the measurement of sacred sites in many cultures all around the world. The placement of the three main pyramids of Giza, Egypt, (including the Great Pyramid), are aligned on the Earth in the exact ratio of the three main stars in the Belt of Orion. Many other star patterns are mirrored with the exact placement of sacred structure, temples, and monuments. Books such as Mark Vidler’s “The Star Mirror” make this Heaven on Earth connection “As Above, So Below” very clear. So things and people have been looking up for a very long time. If we revere and respect nature, and pay attention to nature, we will be shown how the universe behaves to insure the on-going ness and preservation of life with “good for all, harm to none, in service to Creator and Creation” as a guiding mission statement. The word “geometry” means to measure the Earth. Taking a group of three highest mountains or peaks in many locations around the world reveals innumerous isosceles triangle configurations to phenomenally close accuracy. The pyramid complex for the entire world is precisely aligned and positioned geometrically with the natural Earth measurements, showing an incredible alignment of humans and cosmos.

When we use the words Sacred Geometry, we are saying that the builders are using the same ratio and proportion as nature in the design, layout, and construction, whether it’s a temple, monument, church, aqueduct, or a house. Why shouldn’t we live resonantly with the rest of the universe and flow with the fractal patterns of creation so what is inside us and outside of us matches, resonates, and forms our common Divine nature. Thus, every construction is a prayer of gratitude and praise to creation. We are now, perhaps, getting an idea of what the Music of the Spheres is all about.

The tremendous popularity of “The DaVinci Code” book and movie and derivative books and commentary are all about this awakening to the Music of the Spheres. One of the keys to the awakening is the awakening of the divine feminine in all of us, regardless of our gender. The Music of the Spheres is about consciousness of creation and restoring the harmonious balance of the male and female polarity, so we all can sing and dance and the illusion of separation between Heaven and Earth can be healed.

Thank you for reading.

Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Restoring the Goddess through Water

A visionary’s prescription for healing our water
An interview with Randy Masters

By Jan Cercone

I am the woman
I am the flow
I am the ocean
Hear what I know

JC: What is the main question people have about water?

RM: I am not sure that people really value or understand what water really does. Water supports the electric system, cleans the veins and arteries, mineralizes the body, cleans out toxins, lubricates the body so it is not stiff and hydrates the cells. There is not enough basic education about what really good water is all about. We have accepted substitutes. Like soft drinks with aspartame served in aluminum and plastic containers instead of glass.Most people are dehydrated or even get sick drinking the prescribed eight glasses of water per day given the water quality. If the quality is not there, it will not hydrate the body. Even though we are born from a water solution, bathe in water, drink water, we still don’t get what water is all about. We are working on a film to increase the consciousness about water for an institute called Jii, the African Mandinka word for water. One of the goals is to bring people with solutions together so they are not isolated. We want to help people raise their awareness of water and then water can reflect that shift in consciousness. To restore water would be to restore the commitment to the ongoing livingness on our planet. Much like the seven generations thinking that many cultures have had. We have a throw away culture here, for profit and for convenience. That’s all a function of consciousness and attitude and water picks up every bit of that attitude

JC: How did you, a musician, composer, lecturer on Music of the Spheres, become involved with a visionary water project?

RM: Over the years while doing workshops more and more people wanted to know about water. The issue surfaced in the course of focusing on the unified field or how the universe is created by sound, and light and geometry. I began researching the physics of water, looking for the sound frequencies that were important to water’s integrity, health and then even the sound frequencies that may have been connected with the creation of water. Since in the beginning was the word and everything was created out of sound, it’s like saying “let there be water,” what sounds would allow water to emerge? We can follow that thought all the way somewhere into creation. I did get three different sound frequencies from a physicist that, set on an electronic machine, generate waves of the frequency of the water molecule. I converted them into sound and made everything from tuning forks to wind chimes so we could hear those frequencies in some comfortable audible octave. I was curious; what are these notes really saying? And if we listen to the notes that supposedly were involved with the creation of water, what happens to the water in our system? Do these notes restructure water? Do they remind water of its inherent original blueprint when it was first created? That’s how far back I wanted to take this creation story. All of that came out of the same question that I originally asked the Universe…. I want to know how sound really works.

And what are sounds that the creator of all it is used? And how can we be co-creators and learn to responsibly interact with those sound frequencies to add coherency to our world,to improve things…water quality, health?My whole approach is that everything vibrates and originally came out of sound, even before light. We hear those phrases from the bible, Let there be light, but they didn’t say Let there be sound. They literally sounded light into being. So I take that metaphor and in a way, back engineer it. I work my way back through creation to what primordial sounds ignited the blue print. That is why I am interested in the sound that comes out of the black hole that the scientists recently measured as being perhaps one of the original sounds. I look for what sound frequencies we could play back to water, to remind water of its original spiritual source that may reset its genetic blueprint and might even correct problems in the water such as chemical and toxin pollution, thought pollution. What kinds of thoughts have gotten into water that have taken water off course?Water, I feel, is saying “I need some help. There is so much going down in this world that’s overpowering my ability to correct and make myself available as the creator intended. I need you to work with me…. please listen to me, help me, so together we can get back on track”

JC: As you are investigating the properties of water are you saying you are finding ways to bring the balance back to water using music?

RM: Yes, whether we say music or sound. You could take a tuning fork and put the fork on the glass of water and restructure the water. When you work with sound, the water in the cell and around the cell gets structured. It is important that the water has the right clarity to clean the toxins from inside and around the cell. It doesn’t want to let the pollution come into the control center, or the center of the cell. Water is impacted throughout the body by everything we hear and listen to. I am looking at what are the tones and tonal combinations so that when a bio unit, like a human being, is impacted by these sounds the water becomes coherent and life-giving.

JC: Do you have a vision that sound can have global applications for our larger bodies of water, our lakes and oceans?

RM: I do see it. All bodies of water can be affected by it….depending on the level it is delivered. Sound frequencies can be used for desalination. It’s about the right use of frequency and we wouldn’t be given these gifts unless we had the right consciousness to perceive it and work with it.But this is a political question. If we have fresh water available to the deserts, to all people, it changes the economics that people are so invested in. So our water is kept in this paradigm.For this world to sing, the water has to be clean enough to carry those tones, and when water is clean there is a different song that it sings. We need water to sing that song.

JC: You have mentioned before in lectures that by restoring the Goddess we can heal our water, can you explain what you mean by this?

RM: Yes, I believe that water is the single most important metaphor for restoring the Goddess, the feminine nature since all of life is born out of the feminine in the void. In the quest to conquer nature, we had a falling out of a grace where we began working against nature. It’s like falling out of the consciousness that would preserve and respect life, being a good steward for life, to one that abuses it. The feminine energy is what is going to stand up and say No, no more.

JC: So you are saying water is almost a metaphor on how we live on earth?

RM: Not almost, to me it is the fundamental metaphor that exposes all of the rest of the deceptions, myths and the false illusions about how life works. This one single element is a mirror, like looking in the pond and seeing the mirror. When it gets clear, we’ll see the right type of reflection

JC: Given the state of our water, what can conscious individuals do to insure that their own water supply is clean?

RM: Request clean, de-chlorinated water at restaurants. Using filters at home helps the water have cleaner “coherency” when it flows back into the ground. Demand the water companies clean up their act. Block the privatization of water. It’s criminal for private corporations to own bodies of water. This creates water wars and manipulation, not stewardship. In one town in Bolivia an American corporation made it illegal for people to catch rain water. Imagine…trying to claim water at the God source. People have gone completely unconscious and aren’t even aware of it. Every person, wherever they are, can do something. It can be as simple as blessing the water, loving the water, allowing it to change. You don’t have to have a piece of technology. Use spiritual technology. Love, guide it, structure the water and drink it. Do that for your plants, washing machine, for everything. It’s a shift of attitude and that attitude will build till there is agreement that says we will not allow any more abuse of water anywhere.

JC: Some companies state their water units change the structure of water, are they trying to approximate the perfect shape of water?

RM: There are several home units that have integrity.With the right balance water has a different surface tension, a life force in it, and wetness that is able to pierce into the nucleus of cells where it hydrates the body and cleans out the toxins. It contains the geometric, mathematical codes and frequencies with no pollution. But it can still hold “thoughts” in it. For example, even when chlorine is removed, if you don’t clean the etheric field, the water still contains the imprint and memory of chlorine. Water is like a super tape recorder, it remembers everything…but it can be cleaned.

JC: Do our friends the dolphins have a key to helping us remember how to clean up our waters?

RM: I believe that the dolphins can make sounds that restructure water, they blow bubbles that are Torus shaped, a fundamental re-creating form. They can make certain sounds to restructure water, and they are doing that. Researchers studying the dolphin’s communications are hearing dolphin songs that are known ancient human melodies…Vedic songs that the dolphins are actually singing note for note. Who got it first?

JC: It’s like the saying; we need to care about our neighbors children as much as our own?

RM: Yes. They have water that has been cleaned up in certain villages in Africa but once people leave their own village they get sick and die. That’s very serious. That is the metaphor of how you cannot just clean it up in one little spot, it’s the whole thing.
In Australia they developed a program to clean up the beaches so they build pipelines that shipped all of the sewage a little farther out in the ocean. Sure, the beaches look clean for now. But it’s polluting and sooner or later all of that is going to wash up, sewage, pharmaceutical run off, and toxins. They think the ocean will just absorb it all but the fish are dying, the coral reefs are dying.

JC: Can this be reversed?

RM: It can be turned around, even though some scientists say we have passed that point. If there is enough love, that will create the exception that will allow the techniques to quantumly clean up things, more than linearly. There is enough love to turn the whole thing around and that is water is asking us to do. Love is strong enough to prevent an asteroid from striking the earth. We shift what we attract. We will even attract solutions that may not even be in the akashic records now.

JC: Kate Munger of the Threshold Choir and her singers have sung to heal the Russian River … So focusing our love and intention can make a difference?
RM: Certainly. That can happen in everybody’s life. Even thinking of the water lovingly will communicate to all the water of the world. It will also communicate to the water in every body, the reptiles, animals, insects, plants, and humans. The more coherent it gets, the more coherent it gets. You know the worse it gets, the worse it gets? Well it’s the same the other way. Except with love, it spreads faster.

JC: How can give incentives to the polluters to change their operations?

RM: One way is to make it profitable for them to care. You use the very thing that is their primary motivation. Not that they are going to control it and charge people so much that they starve and die of thirst because they can’t afford water but to make it more profitable to clean it. That basic disrespect for life needs to be turned around. They can be shown how they can forgive and change and as powerfully as they have destroyed life they can flip it around and support life. There are individuals who could single handedly clean the water of an entire country with their billions. Bush, or even Arnold could turn it around with the right education and initiatives. They could become heroes.

JC: Are we ready for a closing statement?

RM: It is not closed until it is cleaned up. It is not possible. I mean to care enough to make sure that all the necessary ingredients, the minimum, are available to all people: Clean housing, honor dignity, and sanitation. And clean water is at the heart of it all. Until we can accomplish that, the topic must remain open. I don’t intend it to be closed.

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