The Universal Song Springlife Polarizers

Springlife stainless steel polarizers have been widely used around the world for over forty years. These polarizers are based on sacred geometry and are designed by Randy Masters. They are called polarizers because the proprietary blend of special minerals and Earth substances soaks up specific wavelengths of cosmic radiation and then amplifies it. When this happens, toxic substances are usually re-polarized, meaning their toxic vortex patterns are neutralized.

The Springlife stainless steel polarizer is available in three sizes:

a. Springlife Pager Polarizer

MSRP = $250 USD

Product Number SPP285

Size: 2.85 inches x 1.76 inches

b. Slimline Steel Polarizer

MSRP = $350 USD

product number SSP462

Size: 4.62 inches x 2.85 inches

c. Polarizer

MSRP = $150 USD

Product Number SSWP57 

Size: 5.7 inches x 1/2 inch diameter cylinder 

e. Springlife Steel Lifeforce Pendant 

MSRP = $135 USD

Product number SSLP1565

Size: 1.564 inches x 1/2 inch diameter 

Comes with approximate 25 inch chain 


Text/Call: ‭(831) 295-0650‬

Email: randymasters (at) universalsong (dot) net


* These meditation tools have been available in the past, and may be available again in the future. Price available upon request.

Universal Song’s meditation tools

Universal Song’s meditation tools are designed to amplify intention and assist in focusing thought and emotion. These tools are precision crafted to be used with any personal meditation practice or energy balancing system or modality. The geometry of each tool is based on harmonic proportions found throughout the universe. These harmonic proportions are an essential element in the creational blueprints of nature. Shapes work as antennae for subtle energy currents. Beauty, form, and function combine to create a lovely resonance. Universal Song’s meditation tools are each individually made to order.

The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer”

The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer” is based on the four sided (including bottom) shape called the tetrahedron. The body is made of wood and is covered with polished copper plates. The capstone is made of both Andara glass and quartz crystal, with only the Andara glass visible. The capstone is etched with symbols of the vibrational language of essential universal signature patterns.

The tetrahedron is the fundamental building block of creation and matter, and is one of the five primary geometries of creation known as the five Platonic forms. The tetrahedron is a premier shape for enhancing focused thought in meditation and visualization and can assist in stimulating the pituitary and pineal glands for greater mental coordination.

The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer” is filled with a proprietary blend of minerals (discovered by the Springlife Polarizer Research Company over forty years ago) which help restore vibrancy and lifeforce to substances (such as food), and also to injured areas of the body. The Universal Song “Andara Tetrahedron Polarizer” is excellent for enhancing alters or offices and is a wonderful tool for assisting in focusing and directing thought.

The Universal Song “Double Tetrahedron”

The Universal Song “Double Tetrahedron” meditation tool is an elongated double tetrahedron, one of the more interesting shapes found in the energy fields spinning inside the earth. This geometric form is part of the atomic lattice structure of quartz crystal.The tetrahedron was used by ancient cultures at sacred sites such as Stonehenge. Our double tetrahedron is made of either cobalt blue quartz or green Andara glass and optically clear quartz. The sacred creation symbols known as the golden movement are engraved on one of the triangular faces. see Beautiful rainbow colors are emitted from the clear quartz side. This shape is described in chapter 4 of the book “The Sirius Connection” by Lazarus (channeled by Jach Purcel), available from NPN Publishing. Inc. 1-800-678-2356

The Universal Song “Andara Glass Sphere”

On rare occasions, we find a piece of Andara glass (from two inches to five inches) suitable for our Universal Song “Andara Glass Sphere.” The Andara glass appears similar to volcanic glass, but both scientists and indigenous shaman from around the world have discovered exceptional harmonizing and energetic qualities in this glass.

The Universal Song “Andara Glass Sphere” radiates wonderful energy in any room or office. It is also an enhancing meditation piece for use on or around the body. These spheres are especially beautiful and inspiring when displayed on the LED light boxes which are included with each sphere.

The Universal Song “Andara Cubeoctahedron”

The Universal Song “Andara Cubeoctahedron” is one of the most important shapes in sacred or archetypal geometry, the geometry of the unified field. This shape is at the heart of the tetrahedral grid of space-time. Our cubeoctahedron is available with or without engraving. Three of the six square faces are engraved with the universal vibrational language symbols for the hologram of love and love’s creation: “ese,” “oese,” and “ete ese.”

The cubeoctahedron has six square faces and eight triangular faces. It is also called the vector equilibrium or the dymaxion by the scientist Buckminster Fuller. Sizes vary according to the availabitily of suitable pieces of Andara glass, ranging from two to five inches, and the color comes in a variety of shades from clear champagne to dark green.

The Universal Song “Andara Vogel Quartz Crystal”

The Universal Song “Andara Vogel Quartz Crystal” makes an excellent meditation and energy balancing tool.

The basic design of our Andara Vogel quartz crystal was created by scientist and crystal specialist Marcel Vogel. Our crystals are crafted to his exact angle specifications by crystal cutter Drew Tousley of Luminary Studios. Drew was one of Marcel’s primary crystal cutters. We also make custom Vogel crystals in a variety of quartz crystal colors and qualities including laminates of several quartz and Andara glass combinations.

The Universal Song “Andara Vogel Quartz Crystal” comes in six, eight, nine, twelve, thirteen, sixteen, and twenty four sided variations to suit your numerical resonance choice. All Andara Vogel crystals come with a fleece lined bag.

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